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Mike Tyson appeared on The Real this week and talked about the time he walked in on Brad Pitt about to have sex with Robin Givens.

There’s a sentence we never expected to write.

But the former heavyweight champion of the world goes into awkward detail below about an incident from three decades ago in which he was on the verge of filing for divorce from Givens.

The divorce was not final yet, however.

And you know how it is, Tyson tries to explain… you know… when you’re about to legally split from your wife… but you haven’t yet… so you still get it on sometimes… you still go over there to "clean the pipe" on occasion…

So anyway.

Tyson says he pulled up to Givens’ house in anticipation of a "rump session," only to notice a car in the driveway he did not recognize.

He thought it belonged to one of the actress’ girlfriends, but then he saw Brad Pitt get out of the vehicle with Givens! 

How scandalous! (Sort of. This was long before Pitt was married and long before he was accused of cheating on Angelina Jolie with Selena Gomez.)

So, as Tyson puts it, "I didn’t really catch them in the act, maybe right before the act."

He also ends his story by casually saying Pitt was a "really nice guy."

Sure. We don’t doubt it. That probably helped him clean his pipe at some point within Givens’ plumbing system… if you know what we mean.