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If you were watching the Big Brother live feed late last night you may have caught what’s sure to be remembered as one of the grossest moments in the history of the show.

And since this is BB we’re talking about, that means it’s also one of the grossest moments in the history of everything.

So far, the Big Brother Season 17 cast has offered plenty of memorable moments, but nothing compares to the odd interaction between Jeff and Julia that was caught by live feed cameras last night.

We’ll spare you any speculation about what exactly is going on under those covers, but suffice it to say, it looks the dude has a seriously foul sense of humor.

Like, "could land your ass in jail and your name on a list of registered sex offenders" foul.

Check it out for yourself in the clip above. We call it reason #456,789 that you should be glad you’re not spending your summer in the BB house,