Bethenny Frankel Screams at Luann de Lesseps: Look in the F--king Mirror!

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Early this year, the Season 11 trailer for The Real Housewives of New York City teased some vicious conflict between Bethenny and Luann.

At the time, it looked like Bethenny had snapped over Luann's passion for cabaret. The new midseason trailer shows that it was much more.

What was it that drove Bethenny to shave a martini glass in Luann's face and yell: "Look in the f--king mirror!" at her?

Bethenny Frankel in a Miami Pool

There's so much to see in this trailer, which is why we have of course included it in this post.

Midseason trailers tend to reveal a little more, because they're less concerned with spoilers and more concerned with hype.

But as much as we feel for Dorinda Medley over her tears and troubles, one explosive fight steals the scene.

Bethenny -- among others -- spends time complaining about Luann's nonstop talk about cabaret.

You can understand Luann's passion and Bethenny's frustration at the same time.

But, as we mentioned earlier, there's more to their outrageous fighting than Luann's zeal for drama.

Bethenny Frankel: Nobody Gives a F--k!

Bethenny tries to have a sort of intervention for Luann about how consumed she seems to be by cabaret.

When Luann starts to defend herself, Bethenny yells: "Nobody gives a f--k!"

They are indoors. The yelling was a bit much, but we understand that they're on camera.

It's during another scene that Bethenny truly flies off the handle.

Standing over Luann's table, she confronts the Countess and seems to have a meltdown.

Bethenny Frankel Yells: Every Day It's About You

"Every day is about you!" Bethenny accuses.

Luann clearly does not like hearing this, let alone having it yelled at her.

"Every f--king day is about you," Bethenny repeats.

Not even her glorious cleavage is enough to soften the blow of those words.

Luann replies, saying: "Look at you."

Her implication is that Bethenny is making herself the center of attention, doing the very thing of which she accused Luann.

Bethenny Frankel: Look in the Mirror

Bethenny doesn't take kindly to that.

"Look in the f--king mirror," she insists.

She holds up a martini glass and thrusts it into Luann's face.

One, Luann is an alcoholic and does not need to have drink glasses thrust into her face for any reason.

Two, nobody does.

But it quickly becomes apparent that part of Bethenny's emotional turmoil has nothing to do with the Countess.

Bethenny Frankel snarls at Luann

"You never checked in on Dennis!" Bethenny accuses, referring to her late boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

(We would have made that moment into a gif for you, but it's so brief that the gif just didn't look right, but you'll see it in the video)

The venom dripping from Bethenny's voice is enough to make everyone uncomfortable.

You can see Sonja Morgan appearing to sit there, as if by not moving she can avoid becoming part of the conflict.

The trailer transitions to what appears to be a short time later.

Bethenny Frankel and Fellow Housewives Crying

Bethenny appears to be having an emotional meltdown and perhaps even a panic attack.

Given how many others are crying, she may have been spiraling for some time following her outburst at Luann.

(She's also seated, another major clue)

Bethenny may not be the most chill person, but it may be that she's been sitting on her heartbreak about Dennis' death for too long.

Her outburst at Luann may have been fueled by that, and the yelling may have opened the floodgates.

We hope that she and Luann find a way to make nice after this.

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