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If you haven’t read The Bachelor spoilers … don’t read any further, because we’re pretty much going to give away the end right here.

Alleged ending, that is. With due credit year in and year out to the soothsayer of spoilers, Reality Steve, not even the Oracle is perfect.

No one truly knows until the season finale airs. With that said …

Flight attendant Lauren Bushnell is going to get the final rose from Ben Higgins. This is all but guaranteed. Beyond the final rose, though?

Let’s just say that for all The Bachelor couples that end up blissfully engaged and start planning a wedding once the cameras stop rolling …

There are actually very few weddings that take place. At all.

Might Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell buck that trend? Of course it’s possible. But their fairy tale may not be as drama-free as expected.

According to Reality Steve, Ben Higgins picked his winner before the season  finale was even filmed; Lauren was that big of a frontrunner.

Well, you wouldn’t know it from the promo for tonight’s episode, in which Ben reveals that he is in love with TWO girls at the same time.

Apparently Lauren was as surprised to hear this as anyone.

Even though he’s the star of a show in which one eligible guy dates 25 women at once, the notion that Ben was “in love” with another?

That didn’t sit well with her. A source closed to her dished: “Lauren was shocked and embarrassed when the video aired on ABC."

"She told all of her close friends and family that she was the only woman Ben was interested in on the show, now she feels like a fool.”

The insider went on to say that Lauren is questioning their entire relationship as a result, wondering what else she doesn’t know about him.

Much ado about nothing? Rumor mill gone wild in February?

Maybe so, but don’t be surprised if these two split up even faster than Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff. The show’s track record? Not stellar.