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Super Bowl 50 featured plenty of weird commercials, from a Doritos depicting a premature birth to Mountain Dew introducing viewers to a puppy monkey baby.

But the most disturbing ad may have come from the NFL itself.

It starred Seal and a bunch of kids show were supposedly created the night of the Super Bowl because fans of the winning team were so excited that they just had to have sex

Unprotected sex, that is.

Despite having just consumed gallons of beer and chicken wings over the previous four-plus hours.

The league claims it did research and determined that many babies really are born nine months after the date of the Super Bowl, but it’s hard to believe anything the NFL says these days.

Moreover, Valentine’s Day always takes place within a week or two of the big game.

So can the NFL really claim responsibility for these children and this love making over the most romantic date on the entire calendar?

Something is fishy here, and that’s before we even get to the fact that the National Football League aired a commercial that featured kids singing about their parents having sexual intercourse.

Watch it here. Compare it to to other Super Bowl 50 commercials. And then react:

Is this ad cute? Or really, really, really, REALLY creepy?