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On Halloween, Bella Thorne got naked on Instagram to advertise that, one day soon, she would again be getting naked on Instagram.

See, Bella is advertising her beauty products by wearing makeup – and only makeup.

Well, that and some whipped cream. And some chocolate? Take a look, if you dare:

Bella Thorne and Whipped Cream
Photo via Instagram

Fair warning: in the video — and gifs — that you’re about to see, Bella Thorne is not wearing much in the way of clothing.

Bella wears red lingerie so that she can lounge on her bed for the intro.

For the most part, however, the only thing that you can see her wearing is diamond bling.

And her nose ring.

Then there are the moments when she "wears" whipped cream.

And another where that whipped cream is replaced by chocolate, direct from a chocolate fountain.

And, of course, makeup. This video is, after all, an ad for her beauty line, Thorne by Bella.

Photo via Instagram

Nothing sets the mood quite like a neon "Electric P–sy" sign.

Though this is not really a music video — it’s an ad — the video is set to music.

The song is a Bella original: "I’m a Hoe 2."

In addition to starring in the video, Bella played a role as director and also "did creative on."

Translated, that means that she had creative input.

That’s exactly what you’d expect for her video starring her featuring her music and advertising her products.

Photo via Instagram

HollywoodLife reports that Bella Thorne isn’t going to let trolls force her to cover up.

"Bella and nudity is something that doesn’t bother her at all," reports an inside source close to Bella.

"She likes to be very open and expressive," the insider explains. "It is what speaks to her."

"She does it for many reasons," the source adds. "With one of those reasons being that she wants to look back and see how hot she was when she is like eighty."

"She wants to know that she lived her life without fear," the insider notes.

"And," the source continues. "Nobody ever dictated what she did with her life or body ever!"

That makes a lot of sense.

Bella Thorne Wearing Makeup and ONLY Makeup

"[Bella] never wants anyone to change who she is," the source says.

"If someone is confident to show their body, they should," the insider states.


"And she wants to share that with people," the source continues, so "that they shouldn’t be scared either."

"Doing what she is doing is transitioning herself to be the woman she wants to be," the insider explains.

The source concludes: "No filter, no problem!"

That, as the kids say, is a whole mood.

Photo via Instagram

We should note that Bella did confess, ahead of time, to wearing a bit more than fans can see here.

She’s wearing a nude bra and also wearing a nude bikini bottom for parts of this video.

As she explains, they help the whipped cream remain in place.

The human body mixed with hot lights would melt whipped cream pretty quickly.

(Also, you don’t want anything loaded with sugar mixing with your genitals — it could upset her pH balance!)

That’s why professional commercials use shaving cream to simulate whipped cream.

Shaving cream doesn’t melt. But you absolutely cannot eat it, so Bella felt that wearing some undergarments was a worthy trade-off.

Thorne by Bella is a beauty line.

This is a smart move.

Bella’s rich from her career as an actress and model, but you can never have too many revenue streams.

Bringing in a beauty line, after all, is what made Kylie Jenner a billionaire makeup mogul.

Rihanna is also sitting on her own billion-dollar makeup brand.

Good for Bella for launching this very smart venture. We hope that it’s a success.