Bella Thorne Sort of Gets Tattoos on Her Eyebrows

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Bella Thorne is used to stirring up a storm on the Internet, often one that centers on her body.

Consider the time she flaunted her perfect abs.

Or the time she bounced around with a bra on.

Or the time(s) she posed in a bikini.

Yeah. We write about Bella Thorne's body a lot. But here's one part of Bella Thorne's body we've never written about before: her eyebrows.

Bella Thorne Tattoo Photo

In a series of Snapchat videos she shared on Sunday, the 18-year old actress took fans on a painful journey while she got tattoos etched on to her eyebrows.

Sort of.

See, eyebrow tattooing is a process that eliminates the need for one's favorite pencils and powders because it defines one's eyebrows and fills in gaps.

(We aim to educate here at The Hollywood Gossip.)

Utilizing a microblade with very small needles, a technician dips the tool in pigment and then draws strokes identical to your existing hair.

The “tattoos” last up to 24 months.

They aren't so much new pieces of ink on one's body as an extension of a body part that already exists.

Bella Thorne Gets Tattooed

“Here I go,” wrote the former Disney star on social media before before filming a technician using a needle to draw strands on her face.

“Ok now I get more numbing,” she added.

The teenage star, who is dating Gregg Sulkin, took the pain like a champion throughout her whole film series... which isn't short!

However, toward the end, she expressed disdain for the coloring portion.

“I think that’s my least favorite part,” she said.

(This is fascinating stuff, we know. We're so glad she shared it with us, aren't you?)

In the end, thank goodness, Thorne was clearly happy with the finished product, as she concluded her tale with a selfie and a snappy caption:

“YASSS brows.”

Bella Thorne on Snapchat

What do you think? Was this an improvement for Thorne?

Could you imagine going through this process?

Watch it unfold below and then decide for yourself:

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