Awesome Woman Goes Off on Leggings: They Aren't Pants!

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Jamie Higdon Randolph has a few important points to make about leggings:

They are very comfortable. They do not cut into you and they feel like pajamas and, as the weather turns colder, now is the ideal time to sport this item any time one sees fit.

You can look relaxed while wearing leggings, but you can also look "classy," depending on what you pair with your leggings.

But here's the thing about leggings, Randolph makes clear: they are an accessory. They are not pants. Repeat: THEY ARE NOT PANTS!

For some reason, women go around wearing leggings without covering up their rear ends, showing off their thongs to the world and this is where Randolph feels a need to step in.

“If they’re too tight, and I can see you have a tattoo on your A… they’re too tight," she says. "That’s called pantyhose, honey.”

Randolph is not a fan of white leggings, either. They simply show too much. 

But she isn't here to discriminate. You can be a "big girl" or a "thick girl," like she classifies herself as, and you can still wear leggings. Totally. Absolutely. Go for it!

Just keep that buttocks covered up, folks. It's all about concealment in the end.

This video has nearly 500,000 views on YouTube and over 13 million on Facebook. Yes, 13 million!

Watch the way in which Randolph states her case and you'll understand why.

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