Audrey and Jeremy Roloff: Hear Little Ember Jean Talking!

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Fans are begging and pleading to see Jeremy and Audrey Roloff return to Little People, Big World.

That would be amazing. For now, followers can listen to their podcast and, of course, see their updates on social media.

Jeremy has revealed that little Ember Jean is now talking, and shared the cutest video imaginable of her doing so. 

Ember Jean Speaks to Jeremy Roloff

"'Dhankoo dada' haha," Jeremy begins his caption of this precious video.

"Ember is starting to attempt every world we say," he reveals.

"But," the proud father confesses. "This one is my favorite."

Well, it's both adorable and it mentions him.

Of course it's his favorite.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff and Ember

As you can imagine, Jeremy also used the opportunity to plug a new episode of his and Auj's podcast, Behind The Scenes.

He writes: "P.s. new podcast dropped today and you don’t want to miss it."

We're sure that a lot of their fans are excited for a new episode; they've certainly done some interesting interviews.

But most people's attention was fixated on the sweet little girl.

(Ember Jean really isn't a baby anymore -- at atlmost 20 months, she's a toddler)

Jeremy Roloff Walks Ember Jean to His Haircut

"Say: 'thank you, dada,'" Jeremy prompts his precious daughter in the video.

He is holding her with one arm -- something he won't be able to do so easily in a few short years.

As he captioned, Ember replies with her best imitation: "Dhankoo dada."

Jeremy repeats her words, and then plants a kiss on one of her irresistible little cheeks.

(Cuteness overload, folks)

Jeremy Roloff Gives Ember Jean a Kiss

Up next, she babbles something that isn't super intelligible.

Jeremy asks if she's requesting milk from her sippy cup.

But it sounded to us like she was saying "cup" or "top."

We're sure that Jeremy knows his daughter better than we do, of course.

But any of those words would be salient to the conversation, as Jeremy pops on the lid to her cup.

Such a Proud Grandma

Child development is a funny thing.

Some children are fully conversant by almost 20 months.

Others have yet to say their first word.

Ember is somewhere in between, which is completely normal.

Children reach different milestones at different ages because they are different people with different experiences.

Ember is lucky to be surrounded by parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who provide her with stimulation and enrichment.

Of course, viewers don't get to watch Ember Jean grow and learn on Little People, Big World like they once could.

Auj and Jer have offered up a number of explanations for why they quit the reality series.

At one point, they suggested that God had called them to do something else -- podcasting, apparently.

Jeremy has also said that, since ha and his siblings never actually had a choice about doing the show, he felt it was time that he just ... stop.

All Ready for a Ride

He wouldn't be the first to make that choice.

Molly doesn't even live especially close to Roloff Farms.

And Jacob famously stormed off of the farm as a young adult, angry that he had been forced to do the show for as long as he was.

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