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90 Day Fiance fan favorites Kalani and Asuelu are back, and they’re bringing all of their drama with them.

There’s a lot to be said about Asuelu’s mother and his sister, Tammy.

But Asuelu is more than capable of causing problems in his marriage all by himself.

To hear him tell it, the real culprits are Kalani … and her parents?!?

Ahead of Sunday night’s Happily Ever After? Season 6 premiere, TLC released a sneak peek.

Here, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa readily acknowledge that they’ve had serious problems.

And their reason for sticking together is … well, it’s not the most romantic motive in the world.

"Despite hitting rock bottom, I don’t think either of us were really ready to just give up," Kalani tells the camera.

"We have two boys," she reminds viewers.

"So," Kalani added, "we just felt like we shouldn’t give up."

"I think the boys bring us, uh, stronger," Asuelu opines beside her.

Kalani then explains just how pragmatic their decision to stay together is.

As you can hear her say in this clip, divorce would just be a hassle.

"Why not be in a relationship and try to make it work," Kalani suggests.

She continues "instead of divorced and trying to make it work."

"And then," Kalani adds, "possibly introducing other people into that mix, too?"

"But," Asuelu suggests, "most of our problems come from living with Kalani and her family."

"I just want to have my own space, taking care of my own family," he expresses.

Asualu says that he wants to "not worry and not [feel] uncomfortable to live with other people."

That is our introduction before we see Kalani and Asuelu touring a house.

The realtor then asks what they think.

"We’ll just give you the money and stay here," Asuelu jokes in his deadpan fashion.

"It’s a really nice house," Asuelu then praises on a more serious note.

The realtor barely has time to do a polite laugh before the father of two adds more.

It seems like he already has firm ideas about what this house would look like if they lived there.

"We’re going to upgrade the backyard," Asuelu announces.

He then explains that he wants to do this "so we can make some volleyballs at the back."

Notably, that reminds us of a major source of contention as mentioned at the Tell All.

"So," Asuelu then asks, "how much is this house?"

This house, it is explained, costs $362,000.

In our nightmare housing market, that’s a standard upper-middle-class home, and closer to middle class in some areas.

"Well, I think we have a lot to think about," Kalani says diplomatically.

They say their polite goodbyes and the sneak peek teaser ends.

However, this short clip reveals so much about where they stand as a couple.

First off, we mentioned that volleyball was related to their recent contention last summer.

Kalani reported at that time that Asuelu was simply leaving the house to do whatever he wanted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many marriages very wisely ended because one spouse was a rat-licker. (Yes, that’s a real term)

One of Asuelu’s activities was extra dangerous because he was selfishly playing volleyball.

Sports, singing, and other similar activities involve added respiration and thus increased risk, particularly when done indoors.

There is no part of volleyball that could not have (and still cannot) wait until after everyone is fully vaccinated.

Kalani Faagata Looks for Gifts

But Asuelu seemingly did not care, and continued to endanger his family.

This includes not only Kalani and their children, but also Kalani’s parents.

That is unacceptable behavior, and frankly, many fans hoped that she would finally dump her man-child of a husband.

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa for Season 6

The other illuminating thing about this sneak peek is seeing that Asuelu still thinks that Kalani and her family are the source of problems.

Clearly, he was not paying attention when Season 5 aired, and needs to look in a mirror.

It seems that what Asuelu really means is that he hopes to be better able to ignore Kalani and his responsibilities when her parents aren’t around.