News Anchor Feeds Colleagues Special Dip, Mass Vomiting Nearly Ensues

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Leslie Horton, Global News Calgary news anchor, probably didn't expect to be at the butt of a viral internet joke this morning.

Horton's artichoke dip, which she made for a holiday party and brought in for her coworkers to taste on the morning segment, was terrible -- and was sadly sampled on-air. 

The other news anchors could barely keep their composure over how terrible the dip actually was. 

Artichoke Dip Fail in the News Room Gagging Photo

When she described the dip, and the back story behind how she had to bring it to a family gathering, one of the anchors said, "It smells like a barn." 

Meterologist Jordan Witzel bravely tried the dip first, gagged and said, "It's the vinegar," to which Horton responded, "But there's no vinegar in there!" 

"I can't swallow it!" he announced, as he spit it out in tissue paper and said, "I'm not trying to be rude here!" 

For Horton's part, all she could do was laugh. 

"It's artichoke dip," she said, "but something terribly went wrong." 

Leslie Horton's Artichoke Dip Photo

The anchors attempted as best as they could to put on professional faces while they discussed the dip, trying to figure out just went wrong, but it wasn't until later that Witzel, the meteorologist, discerned what had gone awry. 

"We figured it out," he tweeted. "She used pickled artichokes from a jar instead of fresh chopped artichokes."  

That'll get you every time ... and as for poor Leslie Horton, perhaps she should just stop trying to cook. 

When you pickle anything, really, it's done in vinegar ... and any chef worth their weight in artichokes would probably know that. 

Later, Horton talked about the disastrous recipe and said, "I’m so glad my cooking fail brought a smile to so many faces."

"It was just another kitchen experiment gone wrong for me, but this time my co-workers were unfortunately subject to my free-wheeling in the kitchen." 

She even admitted that her cooking skills leave a lot to be desired.

“I am a terrible cook."

"I could create a cookbook with all the recipes and dishes I have ruined. I need to stop improvising in the kitchen but I keep trying," she said. 

See the hilarious video below and we dare you to keep a straight face -- just try! 

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