Ariel Winter Twerks In a Storage Unit, Leaves Us Confused

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By now, you're probably aware that Ariel Winter's Instagram is a treasure trove of bikini pics and risque selfies.

Winter does an admirable job of keeping things fresh, forever finding new and inventive ways to bare her famous flesh.

But even the most inventive artists can find themselves bereft of inspiration at times.

Ariel Winter in a Black Corset

At these moments, the true innovators dig deep and produce something that surprises even themselves.

Perhaps this was the process that led to Ariel's latest video, which combines the dying art of twerking with the cinematic weirdness of a David Lynch fever dream.

Allow us to break this thing down for you:

For starters, Ariel is twerking, which is a practice that started falling off in popularity long before Miley Cyrus reinvented herself as Lurleen Lumpkin.

We guess it's part of a marketing campaign to take the attention of Ariel's boobs and put on her ... other assets.

Ariel Winter on Lake Tahoe

Anyway, the location and the spontaneity of the twerking is what's really strange, as it appears that Ariel was walking through a storage facility and randomly decided to break it down.

Not surprisingly, Ariel's followers were a bit confused by the post, but she assured them there's really nothing to "get."

“People have a little humor…it’s supposed to be FUNNY," Ariel wrote.

Is it, Ariel?

Or did you just singlehandedly reinvent American cinema?

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