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Anna Duggar has become the latest member of her family to share a social media tribute to the late Mary Duggar.

But her post has attracted controversy due to lingering questions about Mary’s death.

"As I’ve talked with my children this week about their special memories of Great-Grandma, Meredith said she was going to miss singing for Grandma," Anna wrote.

"Dithy has such a special love for Great-Grandma as she always enjoyed time with her and singing for her — Great-Grandma would give undivided attention and was her biggest fan!

"Somehow Grandma kept up with each of us and always took the time to make each birthday, recital, baby shower or any other event (and all the “uneventful” days in between) special — she mastered the rare art of consistent praise! She lived well, loved much and is greatly missed. #littleduggars"

She also shared a touching video of Mary: