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Angela Deem is known for many things. Subtlety and diplomacy are not among them.

So when she’s not happy, she lets people know about it.

On this week’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Angela groggily awoke from surgery.

To her horror, she discovered that her breasts were now unthinkably "small" compared to their former size.

Angela Deem fights waking up from surgery

Angela Deem received a gastric sleeve, a weight loss mechanism, and also underwent a breast reduction.

Receiving multiple surgeries meant being asleep for several hours under anesthesia.

Though Angela did "fight" waking up after, she recovered just fine. Surgery always comes with risks.

Jojo notes that she would have the responsibility of family notification

Her friend, Jojo, was there to help her.

She knew that she would face the burden of notifying Angela’s family if the worst should happen.

Jojo was also the one to keep Michael up to date and to notify him when they were heading home to the hotel.

Jojo notifies Michael Ilesanmi that all went well on the way to hotel

Jojo’s duties did not stop there, because Angela needed a lot of help.

Even simple tasks, like remaining hydrated and standing up, are a struggle after surgery.

Jojo, who also flew to Nigeria to witness Angela’s wedding to Michael, was there every step of the way.

Jojo helps Angela Deem up after surgery

Jojo also had the unenviable task of keeping Angela to stick to her post-operation recovery plan.

This means a strict diet, starting with gentle liquids only for the first couple of days.

Angela has a strong, demanding personality, and Jojo was very aware that it might be impossible to deny her.

Angela Deem hears - remember just nothing but liquids

The surgeries thankfully had no complications, despite Angela’s blatant flauting of the rules.

She returned to see Dr. Obeng, who was there to check on how she was recovering.

There, she commented on how absent her breasts seemed — voicing a complaint to her surgeon.

Angela Deem worries that her breasts are too small

"They look small," Angela told Dr. Obeng.

"Once everything comes down," he told her, in reference to her future weight loss, "it’s going to be big."

He did reveal that he had taken closer to two pounds off of each breast, whereas the initial plan was to remove one pound of tissue from each.

Dr. Obeng explained that he had started with one point from each, but even then, "it was too big."

He explained to her that her breasts are still substantial, but will look much bigger after the rest of her body shrinks.

As with anything else, this is about visual proportions. And reducing their size was intended to help with her breathing.

Dr. Obeng assured her that her breast size is still "triple D," which many would consider to be positively massive.

"My boobs are gone," Angela lamented to the camera.

"I trust my doctor, and I like Dr. Obeng, but two pounds?" she questioned.

"Like, you do mean one pound and one pound? No," Angela complained.

"He took two pounds apiece off my breasts, and I agreed to one," she noted.

Angela then quipped: "You know, I feel like… itty-bitty titty Angie."

Michael Ilesanmi - I'm trying to put on the light baby (call)

Reluctantly, Angela then called Michael and let him see her still healing chest.

"It’s quite different from previous one," Michael stated.

He added: "I don’t think this is big. … I’m just so confused about everything."

Angela Deem surgeon - I don't know why men are so attached to boobs

"Michael’s reaction… I couldn’t say nothing because I’m mentally, physically exhausted," Dr. Obeng shared.

"But," he continued, "he gotta think how much better I can breathe without ’em."

Angela agreed: "And that’s the truth, I can breathe much better. So maybe I did the right thing." 

Angela Deem surgeon - Angela, the personality

Dr. Obeng explained that Michael should love Angela for who she is, not merely for her breast size.

Meanwhile, Angela’s feral behavior and total lack of impulse control kicked in again.

She asked if Dr. Obeng would marry her if Michael divorced her. He shot her down politely.

Angela Deem to surgeon - does that mean you'll marry me?

"I wish Michael would have had a different reaction," Angela expressed to the camera.

"And I wish he would have been more about my feelings and trying to comfort me," she added.

Angela would like that more "than him worried about what he’s gonna play with."

HEA 6x06 preview - Angela Deem is still smoking

Of course, in next week’s episode, Angela’s bad behavior will continue.

Clearly, her apparent inability to care about other people extends to herself, as she is smoking after her surgery.

Many fans have suggested that her breasts and her weight were not the primary causes of her difficulty breathing. Obviously.