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So much for flying the friendly skies, huh?

(Yes, we know this is the tagline for Delta, not American Airlines… but just go with it for the sake of this introduction, okay?)

Earlier this week, a woman on board a flight just as it was about to take off apparently grew upset that her boyfriend was looking at other female… cursed and yelled repeatedly at him… and then chased him down the airplane aisle before slamming him on the head with her laptop.

And the entire incident was caught on camera phone.

The incident took place on an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles and was filmed in a video that contains extremely foul language and racial slurs.

As you might expect, the only thing crazier here than the person at the center of the footage is just how viral the whole thing has gone.

"You shut the … [expletive] up," the woman says at one point, as horrified and sort of helpless flight attendants look on.

"You’re assaulting me, man," her partner says as he tries to get out of his seat and get the heck out of the way of this assault.

Perhaps the best part of all? The looks on the faces of the passengers in front of this couple, who are trying their hardest to act as if they don’t notice what is going on behind them.

Which is an impossibility, of course.

After the woman chases her lover away, we see her run after him and then we hear a crack and a bunch of screams.

This is when she smashes him over the head with her computer.

"Ma’am, you’re going to be charged with assault," an American Airlines employee says after the whacking.

"Fine, whatever," the woman says in response.

Miami-Dade Police Department has identified the woman as “Mrs. McLemore,” and told Yahoo Lifestyle that the couple was on a connecting flight to Los Angeles from Ecuador.

Officials also now say that McLemore walked away after de-boarding the plane… and a search for her “yielded negative results.”

In other words: she’s gone and was never placed under arrest or taken into custody.

These same officials added that she didn’t answer her phone, and the man she assaulted “refused to write a statement and was uncooperative."

Watch the insane footage now.