Jennifer Lamb to Honey Boo Boo: Mama June Smokes So Much Crack!

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On last week's Mama June: Family Crisis, June Shannon's expensive drug habit was laid bare to her family.

Now, Alana Thompson's father and his wife are trying to take advantage of the situation by snatching up Alana -- and her money.

Doe Doe Shannon Has Found Something

The teaser video begins on a lighter note, as Doe Doe Shannon discusses that her sister has a storage facility.

The audio is edited together a little, but she shares that "June has a storage unit."

It sounds like she adds that the mystery storage is "up for auction," so she undertakes a drive to retrieve the goods.

Alana Thompson and Lauryn Shannon Await Their Surprise

Doe Doe then surprises Lauryn and Alana with the storage unit's contents.

Our guess? It would be amazing if it were personal possessions of Alana's that were left at June's house.

It would be a fun twist if not everything that they thought that she had sold for drug money turned out to be gone forever.

Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson Has a Proposal

Unfortunately, this is when Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson and Jennifer Lamb's sinister subplot rears its ugly head.

We see Mike invite Alana to come live with him.

And by "invite," we mean that he and Jennifer have already been filmed conspiring to try to make family court force this to happen.

Alana Thompson Cries Outdoors

At 14, Alana is smart and assertive enough to see her terrible father for the man that he is.

Even the thought of having to live with him brings her to tears, which is more than understandable.

"Sugar Bear does not want to be in my life," she points out, her voice breaking as she cries.

Jennifer Lamb Yells at a Child

Jennifer Lamb has clearly wholeheartedly embraced her role on the show as a primary antagonist.

Viciously, she yells back at Alana: "You don't want to be in his!"

Alana, realizing that her dad just wants the money that exists to provide for her, breaks down while explaining that this is about Mike, not her.

Alana Thompson Stands Up For Herself

"He told my mother he doesn't want me because I'm not a boy," Alana says while weeping.

Mike walks off, either disappointed that his ploy is not working or ashamed that who he really is has been exposed on camera.

Unfortunately, this only spurs Jennifer to be even more cruel.

Jennifer Lamb Gets Cruel

"Your mama's a crackhead," Jennifer matter-of-factly states.

First of all, though June did test positive for cocaine in the previous week's episode, it sounds like she's really more of a meth head.

And second of all, just because something may be true doesn't mean that it needs to be said to a traumatized, distressed child.

Alana Thompson Sobs with Hurt Feelings

Alana is now very visibly weeping during this agonizing confrontation.

Fortunately, she is not facing down her garbage dad or her trashy wannabe-evil-stepmom alone.

Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon has been taking care of Alana, and she's not letting this farce continue.

Lauryn Shannon Gets Protective

Lauryn goes off, pointing out that Mike hasn't actually acted like a father to Alana.

In fact, he does not in any way support his daughter -- Lauryn does that. Alana's own money does that.

Lauryn and Jennifer lay into each other, the latter upset that her dastardly plan isn't working out as she had hoped.

Lauryn Shannon vs Jennifer Lamb

We don't know how much of the drama is staged and how much of this is real, raw emotion -- we imagine that it's a blend of the two.

But it looks like production had to step in between the two of them to prevent a physical brawl from breaking out.

Wow. And the trailer isn't over yet.

June Shannon is Looking Worse for Wear

We also briefly see June.

As we know, she did not voluntarily participate in most of this season.

But editors are milking what little footage they do have of her for all that it is worth.

June Shannon and Geno Doak Aren't Doing Great

Geno starts talking about money, mentioning $150,000 on camera before June silences him, reminding him to hush.

They have blown through a tremendous amount of cash, much of which was spent on drugs.

June then admits that she is scared, which is not surprising.

June Shannon is Apprehensive

Despite her family's hopes for her to break things off with her toxic boyfriend, June and Geno are still solidly together.

The two hold hands in a small display of mutual affection.

Sadly, June and Geno both have a long way to go.

June Shannon and Geno Doak hold hands on Family Crisis

We know that some viewers think that the teases mean that June will totally get better this season.

The reality is that even early this year -- months after these episodes were filmed -- June and Geno were still struggling, and in Florida.

(For reference, Alana's fake-snorting-cocaine scandal was in August of 2019)

She and Geno have a long, difficult journey ahead of them to get sober and make things right with her family.

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