Alabama Fan Watches Team Lose to Clemson, Punches Hole in TV

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On Monday night, Alabama and Clemson played one of the most exciting national championship games college football has ever seen.

Heck, one of the most exciting championship games any sport has ever seen.

Down for most of the game, Clemson staged a shocking fourth quarter comeback, only to then lost the lead with about two minutes remaining.

This left the Tigers and its star quarterback, Deshaun Watson, with one final drive in an attempt to avenge last year's loss in the same title game to the same Crimson Tide dynasty.

tv punch

The tension mounted as Clemson drove down the field.

Thanks to a pass interference call and some incredible plays by Watson, the team ended up with the fooball inside the Alabama 10-yard line, with just six seconds to play, down 31-28.

And it was all too much for at least one Alabama fan to handle.

As you can see below, he starts to curse out Watson just prior to the second-to-last play being run, referring to him as "shit" as Watson takes the hike... rolls out... and hits Hunter Renfrow for a game and championship-winning touchdown.

The man then hits his flat screen TV. Hard. Really hard.

Hard enough to leave a pretty major mark.

See for yourself... and then join us in hoping this dude goes to get some therapy:

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