Adrien Broner Threatens to Shoot Gay People in Vicious Homophobic Rant

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In a shocking, slur-filled, homophobic rant, professional boxer Adrien Broner makes some very scary threats.

He describes, in graphic detail, a willingness to murder gay men with a gun.

The online feud that prompted his vile rant is too weird to believe.

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"Look, this is a PSA," Adrien Broner says in a new video shared to his Instagram Stories.

Broner is a professional boxer who has been in legal trouble in the past, and once faced charges of sexual battery.

"Look," Broner says. "If any f--, punk ass n---- come run up on me, trying to touch me on all that gay s--t."

"I'm letting you know right now," he warns.

Be warned: this homophobic rant is about to include violent details.

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He then delivers some very clear, explicit promises with regard to the violence that he would inflict.

"if I ain't got my gun on me," he suggests. "I'm knocking you the f--k out."

If you're worried about what he'd do if he had a gun on his person, he confirms your worst fears.

"If I've got my gun on me, I'm gonna shoot you in your f--king face," Broner says.

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"That's on God and them," Broner claims.

"I'm not playing with none of these n----s," he adds.

Then, in case it was not already absolutely clear that he is deeply homophobic, he doubles down.

Broner insists: "I don't like gay s--t."

Why, you ask, is he dropping slurs and promises of homophobic violence?

Andrew C Caldwell - I Am Delivered Guy

So, some quick backstory is that Andrew C Caldwell has suggested that Broner is gay.

Caldwell rose to fame several years ago for the "I'm not gay no more, I am delivered" viral video.

(It is sometimes simply referred to as the "I am delivert" video, because of his enunciation, though that's a little excessive)

Caldwell has "accused" Broner of flirting with him.

Broner has fired back, claiming that it's Caldwell who has been sliding into his DMs.

Broner has very vocally demanded that Caldwell stop messaging him, under threat of violence.

Caldwell is said to be considering legal action in response.

Adrien Broner

Obviously, this whole thing is nuts and also embarrassing for everyone involved.

With extremely rare exceptions, no one should "out" anyone else with claims, true or not, about their sexuality.

But Broner's reaction to the claims is extreme to say the least.

The fact that Broner is describing a paranoia that gay men will sexually assault him is homophobic.

His vow that he would murder a gay man sounds like a declaration of intent to commit a hate crime while claiming self-defense.

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Unfortunately, the "Gay Panic" legal defense, which attempts to justify murdering a gay person if the murderer claims that the gay person flirted with them, is a legal courtroom strategy in 47 out of 50 states.

What Broner is suggesting is not original.

But he doesn't seem to have any real reason for being paranoid.

Just because he allegedly expresses sexual interest through groping doesn't mean that others will.

We don't know who has been sliding into whose DMs, but if there really is a lawsuit, maybe that will be cleared up.

There are ways to deny gay rumors that don't make you sound like a dangerously violent homophobe. Maybe try that, instead.

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