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In this new promo for MTV’s Teen Mom 2, Adam Lind tells baby mama Chelsea Houska he is gunning for custody of their daughter Aubree.

Will he be successful?

“I’m going to walk out of the court room with custody!” Lind declares in a clip from Season 6 (the Teen Mom 2 season premiere is July 9).

But Houska’s fans can rest assured. Insiders say that despite this hype, the South Dakota single mom is not in danger of losing custody.

“There is just one more court date in September,” an insider close to the MTV star says. “Everything is expected to stay the same.”

Adam Lind took Chelsea Houska to court in March, demanding unsupervised visits with Aubree and the right to drive in the car with her.

However, she took the stand in Lincoln County, S.D., court to convince a judge to shut him down, and hizzoner sided with Houska.

“She brought up his long history of arrests and allegations of steroid abuse,” an insider recalls, though Lind has denied using steroids.

After all, Lind has been accused of violent and careless behavior by Brooke Beaton, who even filed a restraining order against him.

The order was later dropped at Beaton’s request, but another ex, Jessica Nicole, also filed a restraining order against him in March.

He has been arrested for driving while intoxicated three times, and faced reckless driving charges for causing a fiery car crash in 2014.