Abby Lee Miller: I Was Abused in Prison!

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In a word? Yikes!

Abby Lee Miller recently sat down with Inside Edition to discuss her life as an inmate.

The Dance Moms host has admitted in the past that she deserved to be punished for her role in a bankruptcy fraud scheme, but it would be difficult to anyone to think she deserved the sort of treatment she allegedly received while behind bars.

What does Miller claim took place at this federal facilty in California?

As she prepared to make her triumphant return to Dance Moms this June, scroll down to read experts of this troubling discussion:

1. Wait, Why Was Miller in Jail?

Wait, Why Was Miller in Jail?
She pleaded guilty in 2016 to concealing certain assets after she filed for bankruptcy. In essence, she lied to the government about how much she was worth.

2. What Was Her Punishment?

What Was Her Punishment?
Miller was sentenced to 366 days in federal prison and ended up serving about 8 months. She was released in March of 2018 and transferred to a halfway house.

3. Her Worst Fears Almost Came True

Her Worst Fears Almost Came True
“I’m afraid of being physically abused or raped,” Miller told People Magazine prior to her stint. “I have to stay busy. If I thought about it every day, I’d just sit around and cry.”

4. She Was Not Raped, but Miller Does Claim She Was Abused

She Was Not Raped, but Miller Does Claim She Was Abused
"I have already been through the ringer," she told Inside Edition in this February 2019 interview.

5. What Happened to Her?

What Happened to Her?
"The first day was the worst day for me," she explained to Inside Edition's Chief Correspondent Jim Moret. "They tried to rip my eyelashes off that were extensions."

6. Whoa. That's Awful.

Whoa. That's Awful.
Miller went on to say she was tossed into solitary confinement after being erroneously accused of posting a photo of herself in prison with visitors.

7. And That Wasn't All

And That Wasn't All
After this incident, Miller said her thyroid and diabetes medications were taken away.

8. That's Awful

That's Awful
Right?!? No matter where you stand on Miller as a reality star or person, this is just awful treatment.

9. Miller Says She Was Singled Out at Times

Miller Says She Was Singled Out at Times
"I would have strange guards that were never in our unit, that I never saw before, walk in and ask others girls, 'Hey, where's that 'Dance Moms' lady? Where's that dance lady? I am going to get her,'" she said. "Then they come to your locker, they take a can of red soda pop, shake it up, open it and spray it all over your clothes."

10. Everything Has Taken a Physical Toll

Everything Has Taken a Physical Toll
Miller underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost 127 pounds. Since her release, though, she's gained 40 pounds back.

11. She Has a Good Excuse, Though

She Has a Good Excuse, Though
"Well, I sit in a [wheelchair] and everyone wants to take me to lunch and take me to dinner," she told Inside Edition.

12. Yes, She's in a Wheelchair

Yes, She's in a Wheelchair
Miller's health problems started about a year ago when she left prison and was released into a halfway house. Shortly after, she fell ill and became paralyzed within days. It was REALLY serious.

13. She Went in for Emergency Surgery

She Went in for Emergency Surgery
Doctors rushed her Abby into surgery and were able to remove a tumor wrapped around her spine, but it was a close call. Her physician has said Miller was close to death.

14. What Did She Have?

What Did She Have?
She was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, a disease that affects the immune system.

15. Miller is Recovering...

Miller is Recovering...
... but it's been "frustrating," she says here. The star has had 10 rounds of chemotherapy and still needs back surgery, but she has been declared cancer-free at least. That's huge.

16. Watch the Interview Here

Check out the above interview to watch the full interview with Inside Edition.

17. As for the New Dance Moms Season?

As for the New Dance Moms Season?
It premieres in June on Lifetime and a recent trailer features Miller returning to the studio for the first time in ages.

18. It's On Again!

It's On Again!
“There’s people that counted me out, thought I was finished, considered the ALDC [Abby Lee Dance Company] dead,” she tells the students in this preview. “Well I fought hard to be here and you have to be a fighter too. You have to fight to get those legs straight, fight to get better feet, you have to fight to be a champion."

19. Watch Out, World!

Watch Out, World!
“I have my own personal goals and I have goals for the team," she adds in this same trailer. "I need to be ready for that first competition. We need to make a statement on that stage that the ALDC is back … and watch out!”

20. Bravo, Abby!

Bravo, Abby!
As we said, love or hate Abby Lee Miller, one has to be inspired by her battle against such dangerous health concerns.

21. She's Back!

We've posted the full trailer for new Dance Moms episodes above. Check it out now!

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