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All season long, Armando Rubio has made it clear that he is worried about homophobic backlash.

He is worried about rejection by his family.

He fears that he and Kenneth could be confronted by aggressive, homophobic strangers simply for existing.

On Season 2, Episode 13, the newly engaged couple get their first taste of that.

As this preview shows, other couples are struggling as well.

Deavan is dealing with her mother-in-law’s low opinion of her, possibly in retaliation for Jihoon’s shaming.

Tim Clarkson learns that he may have no choice but to return to the US or marry Melyza soon.

Brittany learns that she is being badmouthed behind her back — by Yazan’s family.

And Ariela breaks down when she realizes that she is not confident in her choice to be with Biniyam.

What a mess.