90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Trailer Teases Fights, Babies, Arrests

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Earlier this week, we reported that the full cast of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4 has been revealed.

Now, the official trailer for Season 4 has been unvailed. And it is wild, intense,a nd full of drama.

In addition to confirming the premiere date we reported, the trailer shows pregnancies, family feuds, and family fights.

Larissa Lima notes that she is not a blow up doll

We can already tell that a couple of couples are going to tend to overshadow the others, so let's just start with Larissa and Colt.

In the trailer, this toxic, troubled couple is shown in marriage counseling.

"Sex with Colt is a disaster," Larissa admits, in a very frank tone, on camera.

Larissa then explains: "I'm not a blow-up doll."

That sort of expression is usually used to complain about a man who ignores the sexual needs of his partner in order to satisfy only himself.

Notably, Colt has a shockingly expensive porn habit, and someone claiming to be his ex surfaced last year and accused him of being a "sex addict."

Larissa Lima says sex with Colt is a disaster

But there are worse things about Colt and Larissa's marriage than the idea of trying to troubleshoot their sex life.

"She destroyed my son and my relationship," Debbie laments in the trailer, weeping.

Debbie, of course, is Colt's mother, with whom he lives. She very quickly took a dislike to Larissa.

The trailer teases some sort of fight between the spouses.

We see Larissa flip off the room and yell: "She's a f--king bitch, f--k you, a--hole."

We don't know when that specific argument took place, but it could not have been the end of their dispute on January 10.

That fight, as we all know to our horror, ended with Larissa's face smeared with her own blood.

Debbie Johnson is sad on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?

In another scene from the trailer, we see Colt and Debbie possibly packing up boxes while plotting revenge.

(It is unclear when this is; we know that they packed up Larissa's things in January, but this could have taken place earlier)

"She will not get that green card," Colt vowed. "I don't give a s--t."

"I will testify against her," he threatens.

"She got what she wanted," Debbie says while weeping. "To destroy you."

That's ... incredibly dramatic. We'll see what went down as the season airs.

Paola Mayfield is freaking out

Paola and Russ have suffered a miscarriage in the past.

When doctors warn that there may be something wrong with her current pregnancy, the trailer shows Paola and Russ respond.

They're afraid that history will repeat itself.

Fortunately, those of us who have been following their story closely know that we don't need to worry.

On January 1, Paola welcomed baby Axel into the world.

Elizabeth and Andrei know things are getting real

Speaking of pregnant 90 Day Fiance stars, the trailer also shows us Elizabeth and Andrei.

The couple is expecting -- and, as it happens, also welcomed the birth of their child in January.

Unfortunately, this trailer reminds viewers that there are still some issues, including cultural differences, for this couple.

Andrei is from Moldova, and is working to overcome a cultural expectation that wives submit to their husbands.

There is one tense incident in the trailer in which it almost appears that Andrei strikes Elizabeth during a car ride.

We have to emphasize that reality show trailers make use of editing to make things appear worse than they are.

Hopefully, it will be clearer when Season 4 airs.

Chantel and Pedro trailer still 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 4

Over a week ago, when we revealed that Season 4 will premiere on April 28, we mentioned Chantel and Pedro's drama.

Pedro's huge fight with Chantel's family is still very present in everyone's minds.

She is unpleasantly surprised when his family arranges for him to travel.

She is shocked and hurt when she sees a video in which Pedro appears to be dancing with another woman and lifting her into the air.


Ashley Martson gets some bad news

Speaking of cheating concerns, the trailer shows Ashley Martson and Jay Smith.

Here, keep in mind, they would have been still grappling with the aftermath of Jay's Tinder dating scandal.

Ashley appears to be wondering if she should move on from Jay and give up on her marriage, and feels torn.

At the same time, it looks like she receives some bad news -- some bad news related to Jay.

But things get so much worse.

Jay Smith and the Police

At one point during the trailer, Ashley vows to call the police.

We then see police show up -- while the 90 Day Fiance cameras continue to roll.

It is unclear if Ashley is accusing Jay of committing a crime, or if the police have been called for some unrelated reason.

(Trailers are heavily misleading, especially for reality shows)

In real life and in 2019, however, we know that Ashley and Jay are still very much together.

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