90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Teaser: Larissa Lima Could Be Deported

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Months before Ashley threw a fire extinguisher through Jay's window, there was still more than enough drama to go around.

On this Sunday's 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Larissa is warned about deportation -- and Jay may get arrested.

These two aren't the only ones in hot water in this teaser trailer. Take a look for yourself:

Larissa Lima on 90 Day - could be deported for a crime like this

The teaser trailer for Sunday night's episode begins with a familiar face.

The DUI Doctor himself, Adam M. Vander Heyden, gives Larissa a very stern warning following her November 10 arrest.

"You could be deported for a crime like this," he cautions her.

Larissa was arrested on November 10, 2018 for domestic battery, even though it is believed that police were called on Colt.

Even as a legal resident, she could risk deportation is she acquires any kind of conviction.

Colt Johnson Predicts the End

"This is gonna end badly," Colt predicts while speaking to the camera, doing his impression of a wise person resigned to the future.

No matter when this was filmed, Colt doesn't know how right he is.

See, this was filmed before their awful breakup in January 2019.

We believe that this was filmed before his huge and frankly gross cheating scandal in December of 2018.

Ashley Martson discards Jay's belongings angrily

Speaking of things ending badly ... the teaser then brings us to Ashley and Jay's drama.

In the aftermath of speaking to the woman Jay banged in the barbershop bathroom, Ashley is feeling a lot of anger.

She was already packing up Jay's belongings into garbage bags.

Here, she can be shown chucking the bags (of clothing, presumably) down the stairs.

"I don't ever want to see Jay again," Ashley fumes.

Ashley Martson: his time is up

Speaking directly to the camera, Ashley asserts: "His time is up."

We then see her face-to-face confrontation with Jay.

"What the f--k do you mean, 'whose fault is it?!'" Ashley demans to know. "Is it my fault?"

The camera jumps around a bit for a dramatic edit. We don't want to accuse anyone of anything, but it appears that Ashley shoves Jay.

"Get out of my house," Ashley insists.

Ashley Martson dials the police

Jay eventually leaves the house, but it looks like something went seriously wrong.

Ashley is shown dialing 911 in order to contact emergency services.

We then see Jay outside, bundled up in the cold.

(It is believed that this went down in late December or early January -- temperatures would have been in the 30s or 50s where Ashley lives, but hey, he's from Jamaica)

It is unclear what crime she intends to report in that moment and we also do not yet know the outcome.

Chantel Everett reaches her breaking point

Meanwhile, we see that Chantel has finally reached her breaking point.

"I'm still suspicious"

"Obviously, you came here to meet another woman"

It's not entirely clear if Chantel means that Pedro came to the Dominican Republic for that purpose. ...

It may be that Chantel means that he came to the place where they are standing at that moment in order to hook up.

Pedro Jimeno listens unhappily


Another part of the conversation involves Chantel demanding to know why Pedro was so friendly with Coraima.

"Why was she dancing all over you?" she demands to know.

Coraima is incredibly thirsty for him -- this is known.

The question is why Pedro went along with it.

Chantel Everett Has Her Suspicions

"You cheated on me!" Chantel accuses.

It is unclear if she is referring to his behavior with Coraima or something unrelated.

Again, this is a teaser trailer -- they don't inform you, they just tantalize you.

Chantel then begins to cry.

We'll find out what goes down this Sunday at 8 on TLC!

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