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In this preview teaser for Season 5, Episode 14 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, things are looking serious.

For Angela and Michael, that means finally having their wedding day.

Elizabeth and Andrei have their second wedding … but it looks like her brother has had too much to drink.

Paul and Karine leave for Brazil, or at least try to. Paul’s usual ridiculous nonsense might make that impossible.

Colt has a serious talk about setting boundaries with his mom.

It’s a good idea … but it won’t rule out the main issue that impacts his relationships. Even without Debbie meddling, Colt will still be Colt.

And Larissa is so excited to get her boob job and nose job.

The problem is that she seems to have trouble waking up after surgery. Any time that you go under general anasthesia, there is a risk that you will not wake up.

As tensions rise, it starts to hit Eric that he may have just lost Larissa.