50 Cent Accused of Child Abuse After Posting Bizarre Video

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50 Cent hasn't exactly been killin' it in the life choices department lately, and his parenting in particular has drawn a tremendous amount of criticism in recent months.

Back in October, 50 threatened to kill his son Marquise on Instagram.

Now, he's drawing fire for a video in which he appears to punch his youngest "son," Davian, in the head.

We had to put that in quotes because Davian isn't really Fiddy's son, but rather a young fan whom the rapper says he "treats like a son."

We guess that would be a good thing, were it not for the fact that in Curtis Jackson's world, treating someone like a son means pummeling them in the head.

The rapper posted the clip below on Instagram with a caption reading:

"Getting my young bull ready."

Ready for what? The concussion protocol?

Fif doesn't appear to be hauling off and hitting Davian full-force, but it bears repeating that he makes contact with the kid's head multiple times, at one point hitting him so hard that he bumps into the wall behind him.

Mr. Cent has long been a boxing aficionado, often commenting on the sport on social media, and even feuding with Floyd Mayweather and other fighters.

(Floyd and 50 have buried the hatchet, but the rapper has since taken to throwing shade at Bernard Hopkins.)

So we understand that he takes a genuine interest in the sport, and this isn't just an excuse to knock an 11-year-old around.

Still, it might be time for 50 to hire a coach for the kid.

We're sure he can afford it.

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