50 Cent Threatens to Murder Son on Instagram

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At this point in his career, 50 Cent is better known for his terrible decisions and baffling social media rants than for his music.

Here are some highlights of Fiddy's erratic behavior from just the past three months:

50 Cent at Southpaw Premiere

In September 50 picked a fight with Taraji P. Henson for reasons that remain unclear, even, it seems, to 50 himself.

A few weeks before that incident, the world saw 50's penis on live TV

Not long before that, the world looked on in horror as 50 posted videos of himself mocking a disabled teen on social media.

Our younger readers may not remember it, but there was a time when hip hop fans waited with bated breath to see what sort of awesomely badass cultural event the rapper would drop on us next.

50 Cent at Billboard Music Awards

Now, his fans cringe at the thought of what sort of facepalm-worthy gaffe Mr. Cent will perpetrate with seemingly no provocation whatsoever.

It's been a few weeks since Fif decided to pick try and start a feud with the cast of one of TV's most popular shows, so we're well overdue for another embarrassing mini-scandal.

Fortunately, the rapper is making up for lost time with an astonishingly candid glimpse into his tormented psyche.

It all started when he posted this photo to Instagram last night:

50 Cent Power Scene

That's a screenshot from 50's Starz series Power.

It shows his character, Kanan, in what appears to be a confrontation with his son, Marquise Jackson.

50 captioned the photo:

"You a grown man now boy, what you gonna tell me you cross me because mommy said so? F--k dat"

He followed that up with a Emojis of a frightened face, an explosion, and a gun.

That would all be pretty frightening stuff on its own, but it's made worse by the fact that 50's character on the show recently murdered his son for betraying him!

Sadly, this real-life bad blood between father and son is not surprising.

50 routinely berates Marquise's mother online, telling her just last week that she should become a stripper if she's struggling financially.

Marquise has publicly shared several accounts of 50 being a less than ideal father such as when he skipped his son's high school graduation without providing any sort of explanation.

Fortunately, this has been going on so long that Marquise knows how to handle his father's idiocy in stride.

In response to his 50's latest threat, Marquise posted:

“Now if something happens to me everybody knows who did it. GOOFY!"

That, kids, is how you shoot down a bully.

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