Charlie Sheen: Undergoing Life-Saving Detox?

Charlie Sheen: Undergoing Life-Saving Detox?

For fans who enjoyed the image of Charlie Sheen as one of the last of Hollywood's hard-living rebels, reality came crashing down hard when it was revealed last year that the actor suffers from HIV.

Sheen is as famous for his decades of partying and bedding famous women as he is for his acting career, but the diagnosis served as a reminder that the self-proclaimed warlock from Mars is, in fact, quite human.

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Brooke Mueller Hospitalized for Psych Evaluation, Accused of Child Abuse

Brooke Mueller: Hospitalized, Accused of Child Abuse

Brooke Mueller has been hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation after a scary incident in which she allegedly struck her children.

The ex-wife of Charlie Sheen and the mother of his twin boys, Bob and Max, was reportedly under the influence of a foreign substance when this incident took place.

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Corey Haim: New Clues About Rapist's Identity Revealed

Corey Haim: New Clues About Rapist's Identity Revealed

Earlier this month, Radar Online reported that multiple sources had verified the identity of the man who raped Corey Haim when the late actor was still in his teens.

The site chose not to reveal the name at that time for legal reasons, but a scathing report made it clear that the identity of the attacker was no longer in doubt.

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