Brandon Davis has enough oil in his hair to join OPEC, which is ironic because he is the grandson of oil tycoon Marvin Davis. He glistens with sweat wherever he goes, and is thus referred to as the "oily oil heir" and "Greasy Bear" with great frequency.

The male equivalent of Paris Hilton (who happens to be his best friend - figures!), Brandon Davis is by all accounts worthless. In other words, only in the news because he's rich.

But we're still fans of Paris' party-going pal, if only because it was none other than Brandon Davis who linked Lindsay Lohan and the term "Firecrotch" forever. Great claim to fame!

His lesser-known but more obese brother, Jason Davis, is often referred to as "Gummi Bear." Classic. Both brothers are often denied entry to nightclubs or kicked out of parties.

We'll keep you posted on any new Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis news that pops up, but the oily one is kinda off the grid thee days, so don't hold your breath.