7 Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked From Worst to Best

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Grab your favorite dipping sauce! Here's the ultimate ranking of fast food chicken nuggets. Mmm, mmm, good.

7. McDonald's

Are these even real meat? No, no they aren't. They're pink slime. But dip them in the spicy mustard and you'll hardly notice!

6. Sonic

Is it just us or does everything from Sonic taste slightly like styrofoam, including the popcorn chicken?

5. Wendy's

Wendy's chicken nuggets fall near the middle of the pack thanks to their value menu pricing.

4. Wendy's Spicy

Wendy's Spicy
See? Dead middle. Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets take the lead over their bland, less flavorful counterparts.

3. Popeye's

We do love that chicken at Popeye's, and that includes their chicken nuggets.

2. KFC

KFC's original recipe chicken bites are finger-lickin' good.

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