Toddlers and Tiaras: Where are These Poor Kids Now?

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Toddlers and Tiaras may be the most disgraceful show on television.

This statement is really not up for debate.

But what about the kids who once starred on this TLC reality program and then outgrew both the toddler phase and the tiara phase?

Let's take a look at what some of them look like now...

1. Eden Wood

Eden Wood
Wood is now 11 years old. She had a reality spinoff titled "Eden's World" and has appeared in the occasional, very small show or movie.

2. Paisley Dickey

Paisley Dickey
One of the most famous alums in show history. This star, who made headlines for dressing up like Julia Robert's hooker character in Pretty Woman, is now in third grade.

3. Alana Thompson

Alana Thompson
Who, you may be wondering?!? Honey Boo Boo. We all know about her TLC series, but did you know she's now releasing rap albums?

4. Kayla Hatton

Kayla Hatton
Famous (or infamous?) for doing a "twerk" during an episodic competition, Kayla is now a cheerleader at her school.

5. MacKenzie Myers

MacKenzie Myers
Her most recent photo is from 2013. Sources say the former star has since taken a leave of absence from the pageant world and isn't active on social media. (Good for her!)

6. Taralyn Eschberger

Taralyn Eschberger
Taralyn is still active in pageants, sadly. Sje is 12 years-old.

7. Madison Berg

Madison Berg
She's now a high school senior. How crazy is that?!? She was also voted Miss Mississippi High School in 2016.

8. Alaska Mathews

Alaska Mathews
Alaska (what a perfect pageant name, right?) is still active in the pageant world, although her Instagram isn't updated very often.

9. Kylie LaDuca

Kylie LaDuca
She just started fifth grade. She is still trying to make it in the world of entertainment.

10. Ava Bartello

Ava Bartello
Same for Ava Bartello. She is traveling around the world and still competing in paegeants.

11. SaLiz Anderson

SaLiz Anderson
SaLiz is short for Sarah-Elizabeth. She now dances and sings and has recently released an album.

12. Lacey-Mae Mason

Lacey-Mae Mason
Mason garnered headlines by becoming the first contestant with dwarfism featured on the show. She's now just a typical kid living in Massachusetts.

13. Ever Rose Minor

Ever Rose Minor
She's in high school now, hopefully also enjoying a regular childhood.

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