Where Do the Duggars Live? Anna, Josh in Exile as Trial Approaches

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37. On His Own

On His Own
And then there's Jed, who recently became the TENTH married Duggar kid when he tied the knot with Katey Nakatsu in April of 2021 after a brief, five-month courtship.

38. Trail-Blazer

Interestingly, Jed was the first Duggar of his generation to live on his own before marriage.

39. The Carpetbagger

The Carpetbagger
Last year, he moved into a house owned by Jim Bob because it's located in the district in which he hopes to win a seat in the Arkansas State House of Representatives.

40. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
Now that Jed is married to out-of-stater Katey (she's a native of Arizona) will he follow Justin's lead and leave Arkansas?

41. Born and Bred

Born and Bred
Quite the opposite! In fact, Katey's family recently purchased a house in Arkansas so that they can be close to her as she starts a new life with Jed. Talk about putting down roots!

42. Jana's Turn

Jana's Turn
While she hasn't made any official announcement yet, Jana might be next to leave the nest, thanks to her courtship with Stephen Wissmann.

43. Fleeing the Nook

Fleeing the Nook
Neither Jana nor Stephen has responded to the rumors yet, but all signs point to a budding romance. An insiders have stated that they think Wissmann will pop the question in the VERY near future.

44. Are Congratulations In Order?

Are Congratulations In Order?
And that's if he hasn't already! Eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Jana has been concealing her left hand in recent pics. Could she be hiding an engagement ring?!

45. Making Up For Lost Time

Making Up For Lost Time
Jana might have bucked tradition by living at home into her thirties, but she might soon be leaving the compound far behind her!

46. Goodbye to All That!

Goodbye to All That!
The Wissmanns hail from Nebraska, where Stephen helps run the family business. So don't be surprised if Jana relocates to Omaha!

47. No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home
But while they may be far-flung these days, the Duggars are always welcome back at the compound. The girls in the family designed this guest room where the kids often lay their heads on their visits to Jim Bob and Michelle.

48. More to Come

More to Come
There's no telling what's next for the Duggars. But you can bet it will involve expanding into even more property!

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