The Bachelorette or Bust: Fans Slam Bernie Sanders Over Long DNC Speech

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Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump?

Forget that competition.

The only match-up many viewers cared about on Monday night was Bernie Sanders versus The Bachelorette, after it became apparent that the Democratic runner-up for President would talk so long at the Democratic National Convention that he would cut into a new episode of The Bachelorette.

And many fans were simply not having this.

Not when it was Fantasy Suite night!

Granted, viewers can just visit our section of The Bachelorette spoilers to see what will happen this season, but that isn't good enough for many of them.

As you can see below, they vented their frustration over Bernie ruining The Bachelorette on social media...

1. Little Help Here, 'Ye?

Little Help Here, 'Ye?
"I think Kanye needs to interrupt Bernie to let him know The Bachelorette is on tonight."

2. Seriously, Kanye...

Seriously, Kanye...
"Bernie ima let you finish but you're five minutes into the Bachelorette and we all need to know who Jojo is gonna eliminate."

3. Basic Math

Basic Math
"Hey ABC get your priorities straight. JoJo > Bernie."

4. This Says It All

This Says It All

5. Wait... What?!?

Wait... What?!?
I... I... I just don't get it.

6. Bernie vs. JoJo?

Bernie vs. JoJo?
The choice is easy.

7. I'm with Her!

I'm with Her!
I'm with JoJo, that is, just to be clear.

8. Kanye is Busy, Okay?!?

Kanye is Busy, Okay?!?
He's off trying to find a new way to slam Taylor Swift.

9. A Non-Dramatic Rose Ceremony

A Non-Dramatic Rose Ceremony
Come on. This is an obvious one.

10. Hey, At Least He Won Something

Hey, At Least He Won Something
JoJo probably does not want to feel the Bern, however.

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