The Bachelor Season Finale, Part 1: What Did Colton Do?!?

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Colton Underwood promised to be a different Bachelor this season, coming into the season as a virgin.

(It's true! He had never had sex before! Not sure if the show had mentioned that at all.)

And, in the end, Underwood lived up to this promise.

He made an unusual decision on part one Season 23 finale, breaking down in tears often and taking both viewers and Chris Harrison aback.

Like, way aback.

For what reason? What did Colton decide? Scroll down for all the delicious details!

1. Cassie or Bust!

Cassie or Bust!
As nearly all Internet users knew heading into the finale, Colton lost it a week prior after Cassie said she didn't love him and wanted to go home. He jumped a fence and disappeared into the night, leaving Chris Harrison and company confused and in a panic.

2. Quote of the Century?

Quote of the Century?
"We called back to Los Angeles... and we woke up other executive producers and executives and said, 'This is what's happening. What do we do?' and they said, 'At some point, you're gonna have to call the authorities,'" Harrison said on air of Colton bolting. "Luckily as we were about [to call the cops], someone's walkie talkie clips." (Ummmm... you were gonna call the cops and say what?!? A grown man was walking outside by himself? Please help?)

3. I'm F-cking Done!

I'm F-cking Done!
When finally tracked down by producers on the finale, Colton told Harrison that he was “done” with the show because Cassie’s rejection reminded him that he is “not enough.”

4. What About Tayshia and Hannah G?

What About Tayshia and Hannah G?
You know, the two women remaining on the finale? Colton said they were cool and all and he was maybe falling in love with them -- but he was ALREADY in love with Cassie. And he wanted to fight for her!

5. Sorry, Ladies

Sorry, Ladies
So Colton went out and made history: he dumped both of the women remaining! He chose to enter part two of the finale (airing on Tuesday night) with zero suitors because his heart was set on winning Cassie back.

6. How Did Tayshia Take It?

How Did Tayshia Take It?
Very well. She wasn't happy about Colton's decision, but she also said some nice things about The Bachelor before leaving Portugal.

7. We'll Do It Live!

We'll Do It Live!
Cut to the the live portion of the finale, where Tayshia confessed the breakup came as a shock and it hurt to hear that Colton was in love with someone else. But she wanted to be there for him.

8. For His Part?

For His Part?
Colton explained on air that he tried to remain open in other relationships for as long as he could until he fully gave his heart to Cassie. Dude was actually very open and raw.

9. How Did Hannah Take It?

How Did Hannah Take It?
Not nearly as well.

10. Love Really Hurts

Love Really Hurts
"I was in love with him, and deep down, I thought it was going to be us," Hannah tells Harrison in the studio. "But right now, no, [I'm not in love with him]. Love is a two-way street."

11. Enter Colton...

Enter Colton...
When Underwood came out, Hannah gives him a piece of her mind. "You literally said you thought it was us the whole time," she told the star.

12. Explain Yourself!

Explain Yourself!
"I tried my hardest to stay as open as I could. I knew heading into that week, it was going to be the most challenging, and the hardest for me to do that. With you, it was the realization of how much I gave myself to somebody else that I couldn't continue on knowing I wasn't going to be all in," Colton told his rejected finalist.

13. This is So Painful

This is So Painful
Replied Hannah: "What Cassie did to you was exactly what you did to me, and I was left with nothing. I thought that you were going to chase me, as crazy as that sounds. I would tell one of the producers, I was like, tell me to brush my hair if he comes, and you didn't. And I didn't have a reason to believe otherwise, and I just trusted you so much. I just take that word, like falling in have to follow your heart, but for me, it's been really, really difficult."

14. This is Hard for Everyone

This is Hard for Everyone
After walking away from Hannah, Colton broke down in the arms of a producer. "I'm scared," he cried. "I don't know if I'm giving up a for sure thing for something that's impossible."

15. But There's Hope for Hannah G!

But There's Hope for Hannah G!
"I want somebody to, I don't know, jump a fence for me," she said on air, teasing that she'll be named The Bachelorette.

16. And How Did the Episode End?

And How Did the Episode End?
With Colton knocking on Cassie's hotel room door. Yup, as his luck would have it, she was still in Portugal!

17. React, Internet!

React, Internet!

18. For Me? Really?!?

For Me? Really?!?

19. How Else Can We Make This Clear?

How Else Can We Make This Clear?

20. Love is Blind... and Dumb

Love is Blind... and Dumb

21. It Can Be a Fine Line to Walk

It Can Be a Fine Line to Walk

22. We Have More Hours to Kill Than Remaining Suitors

We Have More Hours to Kill Than Remaining Suitors

23. Colton? What Are YOU Doing Here?

Colton? What Are YOU Doing Here?

24. Will He Actually Propose?!?

Will He Actually Propose?!?
Part two of the season finale airs at 8/7c on ABC on Tuesday, March 12. Enjoy!

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