That 70s Show Cast: Where Are They Now?

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That 70s Show may have been set in the past, but the present and the future of those in the main cast appear to be brighter than ever.

A decade after this iconic sitcom went off the air, let's catch up with the main players, shall we?

Each is doing pretty darn well for him or herself...

1. Ashton Kutcher, Then

Ashton Kutcher, Then
We were introduced to Kutcher and his lovable, dim-witted personality as Michael Kelso on this Fox hit.

2. Ashton Kutcher, Now

Ashton Kutcher, Now
The guy is all about his former colleagues. He has married Mila Kunis and he's starring opposite Danny Masterson on The Ranch.

3. Laura Prepon, Then

Laura Prepon, Then
Ah, our beloved Donna. Her career stalled a bit after her starring turn on That 70s Show. But wait for it...

4. Laura Prepon, Now

Laura Prepon, Now
... Orange is the New Black! Prepon has found a very successful home as Alex on this Netflix sensation.

5. Wilmer Valderrama, Then

Wilmer Valderrama, Then
Wilmer Valderrama broke into the mainstream by playing Fez on That 70s Show.

6. Wilmer Valderrama, Now

Wilmer Valderrama, Now
The actor slept with, like, all of Hollywood before settling into a long-term romance with Demi Lovato. He also guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy Season 12.

7. Danny Masterson, Then

Danny Masterson, Then
Far out, man! Masterson exceled as hippie Steven on the Fox sitcom.

8. Danny Masterson, Now

Danny Masterson, Now
He dabbled in DJing for a bit, but Masterson is now back on TV. He's playing Kutcher's younger brother on Netflix's The Ranch.

9. Topher Grace, Then

Topher Grace, Then
Topher Grace starred as Eric on That 70s Show. We loved his romance with Donna. He was the star of the show.

10. Topher Grace, Now

Topher Grace, Now
Grace has been in a number of movies through the years, and he has a big 2016 planned via the film War Machine... opposite Brad Pitt.

11. Mila Kunis, Then

Mila Kunis, Then
Mila Kunis got her big break as Jackie Burkhart on That 70s Show.

12. Mila Kunis, Now

Mila Kunis, Now
She's married to Kutcher. She has a baby. She voices a role on Family Guy. She's starred in Black Swan and Friends With Benefits and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. She's doing pretty well for herself.

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