Teen Mom OG Recap: The Breakdown of Bristol Palin

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Teen Mom OG has gone all in on Bristol Palin this season.

For better or worse.

Despite a pretty severe drop in the ratings for the first few episodes, the show has dedicated a bulk of its time to Bristol's failing marriage.

She and Dakota Meyer continue to clash over the latter's PTSD and the effect it has on the couple's relationship.

Things have turned very ugly between the now-former spouses.

What prompted Palin to break down into a puddle of tears on the latest Teen Mom OG installment?

Scroll down for a recap of storylines and events...

1. Tiime Apart

Tiime Apart
We opened this week with Palin taking off for Los Angeles in order to support son Tripp's appearance on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. This enabled her and Dakota to get a break after last week's very difficult talks and admissions.

2. Now What, Though?

Now What, Though?
Meyer was anxious to get the divorce process over with, however, so he called up his estranged spouse. And Palin immediately became combative, replying: “I know my lawyer sent you something the other day about, you know, please don’t touch my stuff. As soon as I find a new house, I’m be gone like the wind."

3. I'd Like Some Props!

I'd Like Some Props!
Bristol continued on this call, giving herself a lot of credit for some reason by adding: "There’s no need for us to fight. There’s no need for us to have bad blood between us. It’s all gonna be good. I’ll be there. I’m a great mom. I’ll continue to be a great mom.”

4. Frustration Grows

Frustration Grows
"Do you see what I have to deal with on the back side of it? It's around and around, it's way off topic," Dakota told producers after the call. "Why do the attorneys have to come into it? I have no doubt that her mom is sitting right next to her, stoking that fire. It's unfortunate that a communication about the children has to be this exhausting."

5. Don't Ya Know?!?

Don't Ya Know?!?
Sarah Palin was in Los Angeles with her daughter, offering advice like only she can. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn," Sarah told her child. According to the former Vice Presidential candidate, the lesson here had something to do with "possessions and materialism" and how they don't "amount to a hill of beans."

6. Life is Suddenly Amazing!

Life is Suddenly Amazing!
Back in Austin, Texas, Dakota said the two weeks without Brisol around made him the "happiest that I've ever been since 2015." He added it felt "like what someone would feel like after they get out of a life sentence prison: incredible." LOL/OUCH!

7. On the Move

On the Move
Despite Bristol saying not to touch her stuff, Meyer went ahead and moved her bed and got her all set up in another room, explaining himself thusly: "I want her to have her own space. It's hard enough to live in the same house as somebody you're divorcing. Nothing good's gonna come from us being in the same place."

8. WTH, Dakota?!?

WTH, Dakota?!?
"I think it's complete BS that my stuff is moved," Bristol said upon seeing what Meyer did -- and she started to tear up. "I'm just disappointed because in our divorce, I didn't ask for anything. All I asked for is the money I put into this house, to have that back," Palin added.

9. Cue the Major Waterworks

Cue the Major Waterworks
Palin then lost it on camera, completing her thought as follows: "Even with all the furniture and stuff, I bought everything in this house. I'm not going to be petty, I'm not going to take all of that, take the dishes. That to me is just petty."

10. What About Catelynn and Tyler?

What About Catelynn and Tyler?
They taped an interview with Dr. Oz, during which Tyler suggested that his wife watch past episodes of Teen Mom to see how her mental health struggles affected their marriage. She was not down with this idea.

11. After the Taping...

After the Taping...
... a producer asked Catelynn to rank how she felt their relationship on a scale of one to 10. She answered six (with 10 as the best), but then told producers she thought that many of their problems needed to be discussed behind closed doors. However, Tyler needed advice from his friends, so the two met at a bar.

12. A Few Words from Tyler:

A Few Words from Tyler:
“I’m gonna be very honest. I feel like I’m not too happy right now. I’m identifying that I feel pretty miserable,” Tyler told his friends, prior to saying what he’d like to say to Catelynn: "There are things now that I realized when you’re gone, like, I kinda wanna work on this. When does it ever turn around though, where you know what, Cate, I need you to actually do this for me? When is it ever 50/50?"

13. In Conclusion for Tyler?

In Conclusion for Tyler?
"I’m saying this is what I need. If you can meet those needs, awesome. If you can’t, let me know. I don’t want to waste any time. Let me get out of here. Marriage is a bitch."

14. Yikes. Let's Turn to Cheyenne...

Yikes. Let's Turn to Cheyenne...
This new addition smoothed things over with her father, after he said he didn't love her unconditionally at the end of last week's episode.

15. A New Issue Arises...

A New Issue Arises...
At a party, however, Floyd then got into it with one of her boyfriend Zach's pals, who "caused trouble" after drinking way too much. When Zach wouldn't kick the guy out, Cheyenne went off.

16. That Was My Bad...

That Was My Bad...
Zach ended up calling Floyd "so immature," adding that she couldn't hold her liquor after witnessing this outburst. She later apologized for how she behaved.

17. Off to the Capital!

Off to the Capital!
Maci Bookout, meanwhile, was called to do some advocacy work on behalf of those affected with polycystic ovarian syndrome in Washington, DC. Pretty cool, huh?

18. Well Done, Maci

Well Done, Maci
Her goal? To get September named PCOS month, as she went to speak and was also given an award for being open about her own battle with the issue. We salute her for this effort.

19. Finally This Week...

Finally This Week...
Amber Portwood checked in with ex-boyfriend and baby daddy number-one, Gary Shirley, before heading out to Los Angeles to meet some of Andrew's friends and family. During the chat, he told her about hiring a private investigator to help find his biological father.

20. Sorry, Shirley

Sorry, Shirley
After meeting with his mother proved fruitless, she remembered that he was "stocky built, like you" and had brown hair, but Shirley's mom didn't really care for her son's mission, dismissing him as follows: "There's a lot I don't remember."

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