Teen Mom OG Recap: I Want a Divorce!!!

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A week after Bristol Palin was welcomed to the Teen Mom OG family on last Monday's premiere, the famous mother of three decided to put an end to her own family.

As it is currently constructed, that is.

On an emotional follow-up episode, viewers received an up close and personal glimpse at the problems that plagued Bristol and husband Dakota Meyer to such an extent that they filed for divorce.

These problems were largely related to Meyer's PTSD, but they ran deeper and were more pervasive than this single (major) issue.

Scroll down for a recap of the latest Teen Mom OG installment, which centered on Palin and Meyer decided to divorce on national television...

1. Are You Okay?

Are You Okay?
Bristol asked Meyer if he was in an okay state to discuss their marital issues, referencing the demons he still battles on a daily basis due to losing so many friends in combat as a Marine, before she delved into the reasons why she wants a divorce.

2. I'm Married, But I Feel So Alone

I'm Married, But I Feel So Alone
“I was a single mom for a long time but being married, I’m more lonely now than I’ve ever been,” Palin explained to MTV producer Kerthy. “And I know that he’s probably more lonely now than he’s ever been. I think that we don’t know how to, like, coexist together at all.”

3. A Painful Admission

A Painful Admission
Meyer was the only surviving member of his platoon during the war in Afghanistan, an unfathomable situation to anyone watching. He acknowledges that he can't move on and that this has impacted everyone around him, saying on air: "It’s been tough. Ninety-nine percent of our problems in this family, in our marriage, is my anxiety and my PTSD whether you want to believe or justify it or not."

4. We're Better Apart

We're Better Apart
“I fully take responsibility of becoming cold. And I am sorry. I’m sorry that I am that way, I don’t think you deserve to have a wife that’s that way and I want you to have a sense of peace,” Bristol said to Meyer. “I do feel like we are better people when we’re not together.”

5. Another Personal Failure

Another Personal Failure
Turning to the producer sitting with them, Kerthy, Meyer opened up and was honest about how this all made him feel: “Obviously, you know, Bristol doesn’t want to be together anymore. For me, I just get the same feeling that I do with my teammates, that I failed again and that I’m helpless again.”

6. This is NOT on You

This is NOT on You
No, Bristol tried to tell Dakota, fully aware of how personally he takes things and all he has been though. "You’re not a failure, you’re not a failure at all," she repeated.

7. Our Kids Will Suffer

Our Kids Will Suffer
Palin and Meyer care for three kids overall, two of their own and one from Bristol's previous relationship with Levi Johnston. Said Dakota on this episode: “I mean, we’re quitting on our marriage. You know, the only people that are going to suffer is our kids. We’re quitting."

8. It Could Be Even Worse, Bristol Countered

It Could Be Even Worse, Bristol Countered
“But our kids are also going to suffer and I think they’ll suffer even more if we sat here and continued to try to do this relationship. It’s not a good situation,” she replied, touching on a frequent debate between partners that have children, yet cannot make their romance work any longer.

9. Apologies Abound

Apologies Abound
Having arrived at their decision to divorce, both sides gained their composure and expressed regret and remorse. Said Palin to Meyer: "I’m sorry about the things I’ve said to you. I think you’re the most incredible dad and it breaks my heart that we’re never able to sit here and be teammates with anything."

10. She Added, Crying:

She Added, Crying:
"I do love you too, and I know we love our kids, and I know we’ll always do what’s best for our kids, 100 percent. They’re just my world. That’s all and I know that this situation is not what’s best for them."

11. And Meyer:

And Meyer:
“I’m sorry for everything I’ve said to you. I’ve said things to you that I didn’t mean... this is not what I want. I’ll still be here but I do love you.”

12. What About Catelynn and Tyler?

What About Catelynn and Tyler?
The episode actually opened with Catelynn returning from rehab and Tyler admitting that he had been unhappy in their marriage for two years. His therapist suggested the couple watch the previous season of Teen Mom so that Catelynn could see this for herself.

13. That Is a Bad Idea!

That Is a Bad Idea!
Catelynn didn't like this suggestion. She started crying and refused, saying she didn't want to "relive" the pain all over again.

14. As for Amber?

As for Amber?
She's in a good but constantly troubled state. Feeling depressed again, Amber visited her doctor and was told to get back on medications, one for her antidepressant and one for anxiety.

15. I'm Happy, But I Feel Dumb

I'm Happy, But I Feel Dumb
"[I am] just accepting the way this is going to be for pretty much the rest of my life," Amber said."I’m so happier with my life right now, I’ve never been happier, but I’m depressed. It just makes you feel kinda stupid."

16. And Cheyenne?

And Cheyenne?
The newbie came right out and admitted to her family that she has major baby fever, adding that she and boyfriend Zach already talk about extending their family “When [daughter] Ryder turns 2, I’m getting pregnant,” she said. “it’s not necessarily a demand; it’s what’s going to happen."

17. A Fight with Her Dad

A Fight with Her Dad
Cory Wharton told Cheyenne's dad that Floyd with living with Zach, prompting her parent to say he DOES have "conditions" for loving her and for her to storm away in tears, saying on air: "I'm literally over it…I hate him."

18. We End with Maci...

We End with Maci...
She was having some big trouble with ex Ryan Edwards, who had threatened to flat out kill husband Taylor McKinney. She was granted a protective order, but Ryan was still permitted to see their son Bentley.

19. Taylor on Season 8

Taylor on Season 8
"I'm so scared something bad is going to happen," said Maci, to which Taylor responded: "We're all in a crappy situation."

20. Oh, and Son Maverick Got a Haircut

Oh, and Son Maverick Got a Haircut
So we can conclude on a happy and cute note: He looks adorable, doesn't he?!?

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