Teen Mom OG Recap: Catelynn Cries, Bristol Begs

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On Teen Mom OG this week...

... Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer went at it once again, arguing over their relationship and its affect on their kids.

... Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra inched closer to their unusual and controversial trial separation.

... Amber Portwood snapped at Andrew Glennon, just like old times.

... Cheyenne Floyd and Cory Wharton stirred up even more drama as they grapple with their romantic future.

... Oh, and Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney were totally fine and normal.

Ready for a recap of the dramatic events? Scroll down and let's do this!

1. The Ballad of Bristol and Dakota

The Ballad of Bristol and Dakota
We'll start with the most dysfunctional (former) couple of all, as Palin called her ex-husband this week because she hoped they could be ""adults about the situation," considering three kids were at the center of it.

2. Can We Just Move On, Please?

Can We Just Move On, Please?
"I know there's been a lot of hurt and a lot of pettiness on both of our behalfs," Bristol told Dakota over the phone. "I want to get off on a different foot so we can work together for our girls."

3. Not Like This, We Can't

Not Like This, We Can't
Meyer, who did sign up to appear on a reality TV show, didn't appreciate Brisol reaching out as part of an episode. "Pick up the phone, text me when there's not cameras around," he shot back. "Show me that you're gonna have genuine intentions and it ain't just for the show to start some drama."

4. dakota v. bristol

dakota v. bristol
Bristol replied she wanted to do it on camera so they'd have "a level of accountability," which is pretty lame and dumb and untrue, before Meyer agreed to meet up with her to talk about things further. (But not on this episode.)

5. How Was I Ever Married to Her?!?

How Was I Ever Married to Her?!?
After the call, Meyer vented to a producer as follows: "Bristol's like a kid. She's more worried about the court of public opinion than getting in there and let's be parents to the kids. That's what the show has done to her. She's more focused on the show and her image than she is about the best interest of the kids. The kids are fine, this is the pettiness that I have to look forward to forever."

6. Poor Catelynn

Poor Catelynn
Catelynn and Tyler, meanwhile, were preparing to start their separation, as Tyler was getting ready to move out.

7. How Will This Work?!?

How Will This Work?!?
At dinner with Tyler’s mother, Kim, they talked about sticking to their plan to spend 30 days living apart. Tyler was all for it; Catelynn less so. When it came down to discussing the logistics, the couple was most concerned about was how their new arrangement was going to affect their daughter.

8. This Doesn't Need to be a Big Deal, Tyler Insisted

This Doesn't Need to be a Big Deal, Tyler Insisted
It’s only eight minutes down the road,” he said. “We’re just living separate. It’s not like we’re dating other people and never talking to each other for 30 days. We all need personal space sometimes."

9. But Where Does It End?

But Where Does It End?
“Yeah, but I don’t want this kind of space every couple years,” Catelynn replied, making a good point. Will this just be the way things are forever now?

10. Catelynn Drops the D-Word

Catelynn Drops the D-Word
Their talk took a turn for the worst when Catelynn brought up her fears that they could end up getting divorced permanently after the 30 days was over... so they decided to continue their chat in therapy, away from cameras.

11. Things Get Scary for Maci

Things Get Scary for Maci
Elsewhere: Maci's daughter, Jayde, had to go under anesthesia for her first surgery -- and even though the operation was meant to improve the toddler's quality of life, it wasn’t easy for Maci to accept the fact that her three-year-old had to go through such a thing.

12. Poor, Adorable Jayde

Poor, Adorable Jayde
Taylor McKinney later took Jayde to the doctor and learned that she needed to have her tonsils and adenoids removed because it was difficult for her to breathe. Surgery was required right away.

13. Comforting Her Child

Comforting Her Child
The night prior to her surgery, Maci and Taylor explained what was going to happen at the hospital in very simple terms: Jayde going to drink some grape juice, take a nap, wake up and go home.

14. Phew!

Thankfully, the surgery went just fine and by the time Jayde was home, she was asking for pancakes and syrup.

15. As for Amber?

As for Amber?
Portwood admitted she'd still been "struggling a lot with her depression" and, after visiting her therapist, was diagnosed with postpartum depression.

16. Should She Join a Group?

Should She Join a Group?
Andrew tried hard to be there for Amber, but said he can't always relate and maybe she ought to find a group to discuss things with more in depth. "Just because I can relate to someone, doesn't make me feel any better .... you're not making me feel better because we're sharing stories," she shot bacl. "I don't need to tell somebody day to day that I feel like shit."

17. Great News for Gary!

Great News for Gary!
Meanwhile, Gary Shirley got some amazing news: the identity of his father. Yes! Finally!

18. And Here He Is!

And Here He Is!
After a DNA test confirmed he and his dad, Mike, were a DNA match, they sat down together for the first time. Mike seemed truly thrilled at the idea of having another kid, telling Gary: "That's good, I was gonna be so heartbroken [if the test was negative]."

19. We Close with Chyenne

We Close with Chyenne
Cheyenne celebrated her 26th birthday in style on the episode, renting out a giant house for the occasion with all her girls. Cory and his boys showed up as well, stirring up some tension when they all went out to the club together as part of the festivities.

20. Ex Marked a Sore Spot

Ex Marked a Sore Spot
Well... one of Cheyenne's exes was at to the club and, as she explained later, "Cory was not happy." Floyd made it seem as if he was jealous someone else was vying for her attention and went off when they returned later that evening. She did clarify that he wasn't angry at her, though.

21. Cheyenne on Teen Mom OG

Cheyenne on Teen Mom OG
This segment concluded with Cory saying he didn't think they should go clubbing together anymore, which seemed to disappoint Cheyenne.

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