Tamra Judge: I Mean Yeah I Was a B!tch to People Sometimes, But They Friggen Deserved It!

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Bravo star Tamra Judge recently stunned the world when she quit The Real Housewives of Orange County.

To be fair, it was either walk on her own terms or accept an insulting "Friends of the Housewives" demotion.

After 12 years? Never.

Executive producer Andy Cohen has teased, however, that she could return under the right circumstances.

As for Tamra herself, she is just staying engaged with fans on social media while RHOC films without her.

This week, she answered a series of fan questions about her state of mind and reflections upon her time on the show.

Is she bitter? Relieved? Hopeful? Nervous? A mix of all of those? Take a look and find out:

1. Tamra had a WILD Season 14

Tamra had a WILD Season 14
She is a whole grandmother but she got up in the club and started dancing like she wanted to inspire the next Camille Grammer dance meme. Hey, at least she was wearing panties.

2. Seriously!

While Vicki repeatedly said troubling things that got her accused of homophobia, Tamra and Braunwyn Windham-Burke had a full-on makeout sesh in the middle of a restaurant ... and it didn't end there. Nice to see that there's no age limit on harmless fun!

3. But all good things must come to an end

But all good things must come to an end
Tamra Judge went from making over a million dollars for Season 14 to being offered a demoted "Friend" role for an insulting three-episode arc in Season 15.

4. WTF?!

Bravo bigwigs, it turns out, wanted to shake up the cast -- which is why they also offered Vicki a similar insulting deal. Both longtime stars opted to quit instead.

5. Tamra is staying positive

Tamra is staying positive
At first, she unfollowed every single person related to the show, from castmates to Andy Cohen, on Instagram. Later, she explained that it was just a self-care thing, and not malicious.

6. Seriously

Recently, she was even spotted hanging out with Gina Kirschenheiter -- who IS part of Season 15.

7. Season 15 will be very different

Season 15 will be very different
If reports are to be believed, Braunwyn Windham-Burke will be the semi-unofficial "star" of the season, as she brought a breath of fresh air to the series with storylines that had nothing to do with rehashing the same old feuds.

8. Behind the scenes, Tamra has other worries

Behind the scenes, Tamra has other worries
She's a businesswoman, and getting softly canned for Season 15 is not the same thing as the end of her reality career -- though she will need Bravo's permission to do any reality gigs for the next year. But she has something huge on her plate right now.

9. Simon Barney has grim news

Simon Barney has grim news
In mid-February, Tamra Judge's ex-husband, the father of three of her four children, shared that he has been diagnosed with Stage 3 throat cancer.

10. That's so heavy

That's so heavy
Simon is an affluent man and is undergoing life-saving treatments that millions of Americans could never afford even if they could also miss work. Doctors say that his prognosis is good, and his brutal regimen of both chemo and radiation are a very aggressive way to counter the cancer.

11. This has impacted the family

This has impacted the family
Simon told those closest to him before he told the public. Tamra wept when she heared the news and says that she has set aside all past beefs and grudges.

12. The serious news is bringing people together

The serious news is bringing people together
Catushia Ienni has been Simon's fiancee for many years and has always wanted a closer relationship with Tamra. Now, they are bonding.

13. Spencer, for example

Spencer, for example
For a few years, Spencer has been estranged from his dad. Now, they are once again close.

14. Sidney, too

Sidney, too
Sidney has similarly been estranged from her mother for years, but she and Tamra are speaking more regularly in the wake of Simon's grievous diagnosis.

15. With all of that in mind ...

With all of that in mind ...
Tamra is still being active on social media and even interacting with fans, which is why she opted to do an Instagram Q&A to answer a handfull of questions from curious followers.

16. What WON'T she miss about RHOC?

What WON'T she miss about RHOC?
"The negative energy," Tamra replies. That makes sense. Even genuine friends and naturally calm people know that they have to act out on camera, and most successful reality stars are NOT naturally non-confrontational. It's a recipe for a toxic, but lucrative, environment.

17. What's her biggest regret about her own behavior?

What's her biggest regret about her own behavior?
"I don't live with regrets," Tamra advises her followers, "and if I treated someone bad, they probably deserved it." Wow!

18. Her favorite Real Housewives franchise?

Her favorite Real Housewives franchise?
"Beverly Hills," Tamra reveals. We're not sure if this is truly her answer or if she eliminated RHOC from consideration as a matter of course. She may still have very hard feelings over her firing.

19. Will she come back?

Will she come back?
"You never know what's gonna happen," Tamra replies to a fan who not only wants to see Tamra return for Season 16, but hopes that she brings Heather Dubrow with her.

20. There's a chance of that

There's a chance of that
Andy hasn't said anything about Heather, but he did say that there's a chance for Tamra to stay connected -- but whether he means that he wants to reintroduce her to the RHOC "ecosystem" in Season 16 or just invite her back for Bravocon is up in the air. It'll largely depend upon how Season 15 goes.

21. Wait, what about Vicki?

Wait, what about Vicki?
Vicki is THE OG in the OC. While people have their hopes about Tamra, most have concluded that Vicki's time in the spotlight is over. That said, if Season 15 is a disaster, execs could always ask Vicki to return. Remember, NeNe Leakes took a season off of RHOA and returned getitng more money than ever.

22. Well, that's that!

Well, that's that!
Tamra has always been one to speak her mind. We'd love to see her return to the show, but right now our best wishes are concentrated upon Simon Barney's cancer battle. He has a lot of people who love him and want to see him recover.

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