Super Bowl National Anthems: U-S-A! U-S-A!

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Kelly Clarkson did it. So did Christina Aguila and Alicia Keys.

Whitney Houston, of course, did it best.

Click through a number of memorable Super Bowl national anthem renditions now.

1. Kelly Clarkson National Anthem

Kelly Clarkson nailed the national anthem at Super Bowl XLVI. Watch the American Idol champion show off her amazing voice here.

2. Christina Aguilera National Anthem

Christina Aguilera botched the lyrics to the Super Bowl prior to the Packers victory over the Steelers. Listen for yourself. This is just embarrassing.

3. Alicia Keys National Anthem

Alicia Keys belts out a beautiful rendition of the national anthem in this video. Watch and comment away now!

4. Whitney Houston National Anthem

Let there be no doubt: this is the best rendition of The Star Spangled Banner in the history of professional sports. Take in Whitney Houston's masterpiece now.

5. Renee Fleming National Anthem

Renee Fleming performed the national anthem at the 2014 Super Bowl. How did she do? Sound off now!

6. Idina Menzel National Anthem Performance

Idina Menzel sang the national anthem at Super Bowl XLIX. Simply put, how did she do?

7. Pink

Pink overcame illness and belted out a rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Watch the performance and hand otu a grade now!

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