Space Jam Cast: Where Are They Now?

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They believed they could fly.

And, against all circumstances (in the form of big and scary aliens), they did just that; soaring into the air, rising above the competition and saving mankind from a lifetime of enslavement.

We speak, of course, about the cast of Space Jam, who were introduced to the world way back in 1996, but who's influence is still felt today.

What has become of Michael Jordan? Marvin the Martian? Bill Murray?

Let's catch up with the beloved characters from Space Jam, shall we?

1. Michael Jordan, Then

Michael Jordan, Then
The best basketball player on Earth, the holder of three NBA titles and the man most responsible for rescuing mankind from potential abyss.

2. Michael Jordan, Now

Michael Jordan, Now
A partial owner of the Charlotte Hornets, a professional basketball team, and someone who plays A LOT of golf.

3. Bill Murray, Then

Bill Murray, Then
Played a version of himself that was sort of spacy and goofy and yet oddly self-confident. Made us laugh a lot.

4. Bill Murray, Now

Bill Murray, Now
The Cubs just won the World Series. We're guessing he's very drunk somewhere. Still.

5. Wayne Knight, Then

Wayne Knight, Then
He was basically his character of Newman from Seinfeld, just on a basketball court. Or on a bench next to a basketball court, really.

6. Wayne Knight, Now

Wayne Knight, Now
Had a voiceover role in Toy Story 2 and Kung Fu Panda 3. Also starred for awhile on some show called The Exes.

7. Bugs Bunny, Then

Bugs Bunny, Then
The leader of the non-humans on the basketball team for the fate of Earth and its inhabitants. Had pretty good hops for a rabbit his size. Loved carrots and referring to non-physicians as "Doc."

8. Bugs Bunny, Now

Bugs Bunny, Now
Actually performed with a symphony around the country in the spring of 2016. For real! He's probably be willing to star in a Space Jam sequel.

9. Charles Barkley, Then

Charles Barkley, Then
Had talent taken over by aliens while a member of the Suns in the movie. Vowed to never date Madonna again if he could regain his basketball ability.

10. Charles Barkley, Now

Charles Barkley, Now
A wildly popular basketball analyst and announced for TNT.

11. Daffy Duck

Daffy Duck
Was a pretty ineffective basketball player. He often slipped on his own spit.

12. Daffy Duck, Now

Daffy Duck, Now
Ran for President. Lost.

13. Lola Bunny, Then

Lola Bunny, Then
Created just for Space Jam, and it was easy to see why: she could ball!

14. Lola Bunny, Now

Lola Bunny, Now
Still shows up in the occasional Looney Tunes adventure. Was actually voiced by Kristen Wiig in the "The Looney Tunes Show" on Cartoon Network.

15. Larry Johnson, Then

Larry Johnson, Then
Also lost his basketball powers to the aliens. Was unhappy about it.

16. Larry Johnson, Now

Larry Johnson, Now
Back problems forced him to retire early from the NBA. Since then he converted to Islam, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science Studies from the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, and currently works as a basketball and business operations representative for the Knicks.

17. Patrick Ewing, Then

Patrick Ewing, Then
A star center for the New York Knicks, he had his talents ganked by those evil aliens in the film.

18. Patrick Ewing, Now

Patrick Ewing, Now
An assistant coach with the Charlotte Hornets. Would love to be a head coach someday.

19. Larry Bird, Then

Larry Bird, Then
Hung out with Murray a bit in the movie. Mostly just chilled and acted like ethe legend that he is.

20. Larry Bird, Now

Larry Bird, Now
The General Manager of the Indiana Pacers.

21. Muggsy Bogues, Then

Muggsy Bogues, Then
As if being the shortest player in NBA history weren't enough, he ALSO had his talent taken away by the aliens.

22. Muggsy Bogues, Then, Now

Muggsy Bogues, Then, Now
Worked in real estate for a bit. Appeared on episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Royal Pains. Stepped down as coach of United Faith Christian Academy in 2014.

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