Sean Hannity Fans Destroy Coffee Makers, Urge Nation to #BoycottKeurig

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As previously reported, Roy Moore has been accused of child molestation.

The Alabama Senate candidate reportedly made sexual advances toward a 14-year old back when he was 32 years old.

The Washington Post spoke to 30 sources for this bombshell story and has stood by every detail, despite threats of a lawsuit from Moore and a few harsh words from his supporters.

One of those supporters, of course, is Sean Hannity.

The Fox News host has gone to extreme lengths to attempt and explain why Moore's alleged actions really aren't a big deal, much to the shock and outrage of those who do think pedophilia ought to disqualify one from public office.

In response to Hannity's support for Moore, Keurig is among the companies that has stopped advertising on the conservative host's talk show.

And, as you're about to find out, loyal Hannity viewers have certain feelings about this decision...

1. Excuse Us, Keurig?

Excuse Us, Keurig?
The official Twitter account for this coffee maching responded to a concerned user by saying it has pulled its support for Hannity.

2. And From There?

And From There?
Well, the #MAGA floodgates opened wide, with various Fox News viewers finding unique ways to destroy their Keurig machines over the Internet.

3. Pulling an Office Space

Pulling an Office Space
If you haven't seen Office Space... what is wrong with you?!? Go rent Office Space! Also, this means the guy is about to use a hammer and other tools to break his Keurig into many pieces.

4. A Couple Quick Points to Make:

A Couple Quick Points to Make:
1. LOL. No liberal is "offended" by the destruction of a Keurig. 2. You can't boycott a product you already purchased.

5. Deplorables Unite!

Deplorables Unite!
It will be ironic when these people are too tired to go vote in the 2018 mid-term elections.

6. Liberals are SO Offended

Liberals are SO Offended
Or... you know, not.

7. Down with Instant Coffee Machines!

Down with Instant Coffee Machines!
Up with... pedophilia?

8. Who Knew Republicans Cared So Much About the Environment?

Who Knew Republicans Cared So Much About the Environment?
We did NOT see this coming.

9. That's What We Said!

That's What We Said!
At the very least, change the hashtag to "#DestroyKeurigMachinesYouOwn," okay?

10. The Internet Can Be Confusing

The Internet Can Be Confusing
But this is correct, right? This is really what's happening?

11. Keurig Responds

Keurig Responds
The CEO issued a memo on Monday that apologized for any "negativity" employees may have experienced as a result of this uproar.

12. Hannity Also Responds

Hannity Also Responds
You won't believe it, but he's encouraging the Keurig backlash.

13. This Person Also Responds

This Person Also Responds
HA! We have a winner for Best Tweet.

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