Sarah Michelle Gellar Accused of "Child Abuse" by Internet Trolls

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To quote Jerry Seinfeld from an episode of his beloved sitcom:

People. They're the worst.

At least some people on some occasions, that is.

Sarah Michelle Gellar recently found this out the unfortunate way after sharing what seemed like a cute and harmless photo of her son on Instagram.

As you're about to find out below, however, this is not how some social media trolls interpreted the picture...

1. The Actress Has Two Children

The Actress Has Two Children
Sarah Michelle Gellar has two kids with husband Freddie Prince Jr., a daughter named Charlotte and a son named Rocky. This sad story centers on the latter five-year old.

2. How Dare She?!?

How Dare She?!?
Gellar shared some images on Snapchat of Rocky getting his nails done. What a fun thing to do with his mother, right?!? Wrong, according to Internet critics.

3. They Match!

They Match!
The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer star and her son got a matching color. But these trolls weren't exactly focused on that cute fact.

4. Look at Me!

Look at Me!
Rocky seemed pretty happy about his nails. But, again, certain sections of the Internet do not care about a child's happiness, only about their warped ideas of right and wrong.

5. Here Comes the Hate...

Here Comes the Hate...
Yup, Gellar was totally "brainwashing" her son. This was part of a larger, evil plan; not simply a fun mother/son outing.

6. Yes, Outlawed

Yes, Outlawed
This individual wants to make it ILLEGAL for a mother to take her son to the nail salon. THIS, of all things, is apparently "child abuse."

7. Darn You, Feminists!

Darn You, Feminists!
We'd laugh at this concept of an "all too common" problem, if we weren't crying instead over how various people judge others.

8. Wait... What?

Wait... What?
There's no part of this statement we understand, and no part that dorsn't make us depressed.

9. Yup, You Nailed It

Yup, You Nailed It
Gellar is totally the type of celebrity who does things for attention. And this is totally the type of thing one would do who is looking to make headlines.

10. It's on You, SMG

It's on You, SMG
Only YOU can decide what happens to the future of your child, based on the clear politics you are playing with here.

11. Thank You!

Thank You!
Good to see there's at least one rational and reasonable person on the Internet, right?

12. This is A Lot of In-Depth Analysis

This is A Lot of In-Depth Analysis
But at least the person is making the proper argument. Might we all be making WAY too much of a simple act, however? Perhaps we should just smile at the pictures and move on...

13. From a Practical Standpoint...

From a Practical Standpoint...
... manicures are awesome! They help relieve pain! Do not knock them until you try them.

14. In Conclusion...

In Conclusion...
WTH is wring with you, people?!? This is what you choose to care about, with all that's going on in the world?!? Shaking. Our. Heads... Hard.

15. Happy 2018, Sarah and Freddie!

Happy 2018, Sarah and Freddie!
Very glad to see you aren't letting the haters (read: LOSERS!) get you down. We wish you the best.

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