Ryan Edwards: Mackenzie Standifer is Staying with Me Forever, No Matter What!

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If you know literally anything about the relationship between Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, you know it's not great.

And that's quite the understatement.

They started dating basically a few seconds after she got divorced from her first husband, they got engaged a couple of months later, and then a few months after that, they got married in a parking lot down by the river.

As if all of that wasn't questionable enough, Ryan was high on heroin during the wedding.

But that infamous wedding happened nearly two years ago now, so a lot has changed.

Mostly it's that Ryan has gotten worse.

So is Mackenzie planning on leaving him?

Oh, friends ...

1. The "Happy" Couple

The "Happy" Couple
Ryan and Mackenzie ... where do we even start?

2. Well ...

Well ...
Maybe with the general fact that Ryan is addicted to heroin and Mackenzie is set on staying with him forever and ever and ever, no matter what he does or how awful he is.

3. Not OK

Not OK
Like, you would have think that seeing him nod off while driving you to your wedding would be enough to make her break things off, or at least, reevaluate things, but not so much.

4. Do Your Thing, We Guess

Do Your Thing, We Guess
She's stood by him through two rehab stays, multiple Tinder scandals in which he was proven to be hitting up strangers for sex, and four arrests.

5. Yikes

The last one, of course, causing him to be locked up for three months.

6. Oh, Cool

Oh, Cool
She also had a baby with him, because why not add an innocent little life into this disaster of a marriage?

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