Ryan Edwards: Mackenzie Standifer is Staying with Me Forever, No Matter What!

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If you know literally anything about the relationship between Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer, you know it's not great.

And that's quite the understatement.

They started dating basically a few seconds after she got divorced from her first husband, they got engaged a couple of months later, and then a few months after that, they got married in a parking lot down by the river.

As if all of that wasn't questionable enough, Ryan was high on heroin during the wedding.

But that infamous wedding happened nearly two years ago now, so a lot has changed.

Mostly it's that Ryan has gotten worse.

So is Mackenzie planning on leaving him?

Oh, friends ...

1. The "Happy" Couple

The "Happy" Couple
Ryan and Mackenzie ... where do we even start?

2. Well ...

Well ...
Maybe with the general fact that Ryan is addicted to heroin and Mackenzie is set on staying with him forever and ever and ever, no matter what he does or how awful he is.

3. Not OK

Not OK
Like, you would have think that seeing him nod off while driving you to your wedding would be enough to make her break things off, or at least, reevaluate things, but not so much.

4. Do Your Thing, We Guess

Do Your Thing, We Guess
She's stood by him through two rehab stays, multiple Tinder scandals in which he was proven to be hitting up strangers for sex, and four arrests.

5. Yikes

The last one, of course, causing him to be locked up for three months.

6. Oh, Cool

Oh, Cool
She also had a baby with him, because why not add an innocent little life into this disaster of a marriage?

7. Poor Little Jagger

Poor Little Jagger
It's a lot, guys, it really is, but let's just try to focus on the latest shenanigans, OK?

8. Bad Move

Bad Move
Ryan was arrested in January because he allegedly left a bar without paying his tab. Those charges were dropped, but he stayed in jail because the arrest violated the probation he was on for all the other stuff he's been arrested for in the past couple of years.

9. Um ...

Um ...
Mackenzie has said that him goin gto jail "was a decision we made together,” and that "to have him go to jail and then just be off probation for good…It was the smartest decision that could have been made. Otherwise, it’s a revolving door that you never get out of the system.”

10. Sounds Suspicious

Sounds Suspicious
We don't know about all that -- it's hard to believe that the only reason Ryan stayed in jail for three months was because he volunteered -- but he's not completely off the hook yet because when he was arrested, he also had an outstanding warrant for heroin possession.

11. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
That wasn't why he was in jail for the past few months, and there's apparently a chance he could see some additional jail time for those charges.

12. Rude

And on top of all of that, recent reports have claimed that he's been a great big douchebag upon his return home.

13. So Sweet

So Sweet
A source told Radar Online earlier this week that “Ryan told Mackenzie, ‘The first thing I want to do is… I need a little time to be by myself.'"

14. Not Selfish at All

Not Selfish at All
"He said he wants to sit in the woods for a whole day and not have to listen to anyone talk. He wants to get on his motorcycle and ride it.”

15. Ryan, Why?

Ryan, Why?
Mackenzie has a toddler from her first marriage, and Jagger is only six months old. She gave birth to the baby alone while Ryan was in rehab, and he was only home for a couple of months at best before he went to jail, but sure, he's the one who needs some alone time.

16. Just Leave

Just Leave
Most people would be dying to spend time with their family after being away for so long -- sitting in the woods for a whole day probably shouldn't be the highest thing on his priority list.

17. So ...

So ...
Will this shockingly selfish behavior be enough for Mackenzie to reconsider her marriage?

18. Ha!

Get real, y'all.

19. But WHY?!

But WHY?!
That source said that she "understands," and that “She told him, ‘I’ve been taking care of these kids. You need to help me with the kids when you're done!’ She’s been really good. She’s been very firm with Ryan.”

20. A Word from Jen

A Word from Jen
And now Ryan's mother, Jen, is speaking out about everything -- and it sure is ridiculous.

21. Fake News

Fake News
First, Jen said that any divorce rumors about Ryan and Mackenzie are "not true," and that “I think this has been taking out of context.”

22. Oh

The talk about Ryan wanting all this alone time has been happening because “I believe Ryan was venting a bit to Mackenzie at some point in a conversation because of the amount of people that can be in your ear talking about their problems and issues in jail."

23. Right, Right

Right, Right
“After three months of literally no peace at all, you get to place where being alone for a minimal amount of time becomes a luxury.”

24. Deprogramming

“Having time to somewhat deprogram yourself and calm the anxiety from the environment you have been living in is what Ryan is trying to do,” she explained.

25. Specifically ...

Specifically ...
To be clear, “Ryan and Mackenzie are home and together right now…they are not living apart.”

26. Neat

Jen also said what Mackenzie's said, that his jail time means that he's no longer on probation.

27. Hooray

Which, if true, is excellent. That whole probation thing has really been cramping his style, especially since he just can't seem to stop getting arrested.

28. True Love

True Love
And Mackenzie is still doing anything she can to prove they're happy and in love and not at all a dysfunctional mess.

29. Wow, Cool

Wow, Cool
Mackenzie just got this tattoo, which many people are assuming has to do with her reunion with Ryan. Some are even speculating that this is in his handwriting.

30. Living the Dream!

Living the Dream!
So don't worry, OK? Ryan and Mackenzie are super happy and very much in love and their marriage is going great. Everything is great. So great.

31. Sigh

Seriously though, how much longer can they keep this up?!

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