Ryan Edwards: Mackenzie Standifer Cheated While I Was In Jail ... So Now It's My Turn!

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Every time it looks as though Ryan Edwards is beginning to turn his life around, the Teen Mom OG star shoots himself in the foot in spectacular fashion.

Earlier this week Ryan was released from prison after once again being arrested on heroin possession.

This is almost certainly his last chance to rescue his relationship with Mackenzie Standifer and be a father to his sons.

So what did Ryan do?

Why, he hit the self-destruct button on his own life, of course!

Take a look:

1. Standifer By Her Man

Standifer By Her Man
Mackenzie has defended and supported Ryan throughout his numerous brushes with the law. And it seems he's not terribly grateful for her efforts.

2. Free Man

Free Man
Ryan was released from prison this week after being locked up yet again on possession and probation violation charges.

3. On Her Own

On Her Own
With Ryan's stints in jail and rehab, Mackenzie has been on her own throughout much of her marriage. She even welcomed son Jagger without him.

4. Too Loyal?

Too Loyal?
Despite all of that, Mackenzie has remained loyal -- a decision she may be regretting at this point.

5. This Effing Guy

This Effing Guy
According to a new report from Radar Online, Ryan has accused Mackenzie of cheating on him while he was locked up.

6. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
“He accused her of cheating and whatever else he thinks happened while he was gone,” a source tells the site.

7. Taken Off Guard

Taken Off Guard
Not surprisingly, the ever-loyal Mackenzie was taken aback by her husband's allegations.

8. Whatever Else

Whatever Else
“He accused her of cheating and whatever else he thinks happened while he was gone,” the insider adds.

9. The "Proof"

The "Proof"
And what's the basis for Ryan's accusation? Well, it seems he's upset by the fact that Mackenzie colored her hair and "started wearing lower cut shirts" during his time behind bars.

10. He's Really That Guy

He's Really That Guy
“He isn't happy with her transformation,” the source said.

11. Mack's Tatt

Mack's Tatt
The allegation is particularly insulting due to the fact that Mack also got tattooed with "I love you" in Ryan's handwriting to commemorate his letters from prison.

12. Not Having It

Not Having It
Not surprisingly, Mackenzie is not willing to put up with more abuse from Ryan after all that she's already been through.

13. Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough
“Mackenzie is not about to deal with being put down by him and his accusations when she's done everything to try and be there for him,” says the insider.

14. No Time to Cheat

No Time to Cheat
Ryan has been locked up since January, and Mackenzie had been taking care of two sons entirely on her own.

15. One After the Other

One After the Other
His arrest came soon after a three-month stint in rehab, which Mackenzie described as "the longest 90 days of my life."

16. What a Guy

What a Guy
And what's Mackenzie's reward for enduring all of this? Apparently, it's Ryan accusing her of infidelity while continuing to be a perv online.

17. Bad Baby Daddy

Bad Baby Daddy
As several fans have noticed, Ryan began following an Instagram account entitled "Bad Booties" shortly after his release.

18. An Upsetting Pattern

An Upsetting Pattern
This, of course, comes on the heels of Ryan being caught using a Tinder profile to try and find cheating partners during his marriage to Mackenzie.

19. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
So what's in store for Ryan and Mackenzie? Well, that's anyone's guess ...

20. One More Chance?

One More Chance?
But amazingly, it looks as though she's willing to forgive his latest indiscretions.

21. Keeping Her Guard Up

Keeping Her Guard Up
We suppose we can't blame her for trying to keep her family together. We just hope she'll stay on her guard -- and continue to check his browser history,

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