Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: Married! Again!

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Congrats, Ryan and Mackenzie!

Yesterday, these two Teen Mom OG lovebirds had their second wedding down in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Was it as classy as their first wedding, the one that took place in the parking lot outside the aquarium?

Was it a more festive occasion, were there more guests than just Ryan's devastated parents?

Keep reading for the details!

1. True Love (?!?!)

True Love (?!?!)
We don't know too much about the beginning of Ryan and Mackenzie's love story, but we do know that they met and began dating sometime in 2016 -- probably later in 2016, since Mackenzie filed for divorce from her first husband during the summer.

2. The Fast Track

The Fast Track
Things apparently clicked for them though, because Ryan proposed that December, less than a month after her divorce was finalized.

3. Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise
At first, Teen Mom OG fans thought that Mackenzie was good for Ryan, that she seemed stable and mature and that she'd help him get himself together. But that was not the case, because as time went on, he just got messier.

4. Poor Maci

Poor Maci
Sometime in early spring of this year, Maci Bookout, Ryan's ex and the mother of his son, Bentley, learned that Ryan was struggling with a severe drug problem. We saw her struggle with the information on the show, but we never saw Ryan or Mackenzie address it -- until the season finale.

5. Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding
In May, Ryan and Mackenzie made the quick decision to get married immediately, even though they'd been planning a big church wedding for November. Mackenzie claimed that they wanted to do this to help in their custody case for Bentley, but, you know, that doesn't exactly make sense.

6. Scary, Scary

Scary, Scary
As Ryan drove Mackenzie and himself to the wedding location, it became clear just how serious his problem was -- he was so high he started nodding off behind the wheel. Instead of instructing him to pull over, Mackenzie turned the cameras off and asked him if he'd been taking Xanax "again."

7. Magic

Even though he could have killed her immediately before, and even though the soundtrack to their ceremony was Ryan's mother's sobs, Mackenzie went through with the wedding.

8. The Happy Groom

The Happy Groom
Ryan messed up the vows and appeared to nod off a few times as well, but he managed to get through the wedding, and he and Mackenzie were officially married. Then, instead of a honeymoon, he went to rehab.

9. Happy and Healthy (Hopefully)

Happy and Healthy (Hopefully)
Ryan spent a few weeks in rehab, and when he returned home, he and Mackenzie were quick to announce how well he was doing and how he'd completely overcome his drug problems. Except a few weeks after that, they were reportedly on the brink of divorce.

10. Tinder Shame

Tinder Shame
A couple of women came forward to claim that Ryan had reached out to them on Tinder, and that he'd suggested they meet up for sex. He also allegedly sent dirty sexts and dick pics. Nothing but class for this guy, right?

11. Bad News

Bad News
Mackenzie defended him publicly, but in private things weren't so great -- according to reports, he left the home they shared, blocked her number, and told several Teen Mom crew members that he'd be filing for divorce.

12. But It's OK!

But It's OK!
Flash forward a few months, and it's November -- the month in which the original wedding was supposed to happen. We're not sure how they resolved the Tinder problem, but they obviously did!

13. Rustic-Chic

In an interview earlier this week, Mackenzie revealed that the wedding would take place "in this little cathedral-type church and it's just absolutely beautiful. We went for a rustic-chic theme so there are elements that are super formal and elements that are just very laid-back. But it's gorgeous."

14. SUPER Chic

She added that "There's a reception afterwards that's in this old warehouse-type space that's been redone. The ceremony is me: super urban, super chic. The reception is Ryan, where it's rustic. It's a great mix."

15. Heartbreaking

Oddly (and sadly) enough, she also said that neither Bentley nor her own son know that they're already married, so that this wedding now is an especially big deal for them.

16. What About Maci?

What About Maci?
As for Maci, she said that she would be invited to their big day, because "She invited us to her wedding. Everything is just kind of at a resting place right now. It's about our boys. This is a day about us, yes. But it's also about us becoming a family." Did she come though?

17. The Big Day

The Big Day
So yesterday was the big day -- and Ryan and Mackenzie are officially married! Or, well, they already were officially married, but now their kids know about it, and now they probably have happier wedding memories than Xanax-flavored near death experiences.

18. The Dress!

The Dress!
This time around, Mackenzie went for a strapless mermaid gown with a great big long veil she can use later to mop up her tears and hide her regrets.

19. Ryan Edwards Wedding Pic

Ryan Edwards Wedding Pic
This Instagram photo of Ryan and Mackenzie at the altar was posted shortly after the wedding by one of the guests. She looked gorgeous!

20. Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Edwards!

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Edwards!
This photo may not be in focus, but they are clearly focused on the most important thing - each other.

21. The Flowers

The Flowers
A beautiful bouquet picked out by Mackenzie in honor of her wedding to Ryan.

22. The Settings

The Settings
A look at some of the table settings for the big day.

23. Maci and Taylor at Ryan's Wedding!

Maci and Taylor at Ryan's Wedding!
Maci Bookout and her husband Taylor McKinney did attend after all! Nice show of solidarity after everything they've been through. Way to put family first.

24. Happy Endings

Happy Endings
We still don't know too many more details about the wedding, but we expect more to be revealed in the coming days. All we do know is ...

25. They're Husband and Wife (Still)

They're Husband and Wife (Still)
Congrats, Ryan and Mackenzie! May the rest of your days be filled with love, laughter, and good times. No drugs, though.

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