Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer: We're Still Together ... and Getting Married ... Again!

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Ryan Edwards has been married to Mackenzie Standifer for six months now.

And what a wild and crazy ride it has been.

From the drugged-up drive to their first wedding to the fact that their first wedding was in a parking lot down by the river to Ryan's Tinder cheating scandal ...

There's so much drama we barely even know where to start.

But since Ryan and Mackenzie are having their second wedding this weekend -- the real wedding that they'd been planning before that abrupt decision to get hitched in the parking lot -- we have to try!


For a very, very long time -- the entirety of his relationship with Mackenzie, even -- Teen Mom OG fans noticed that Ryan looked pretty odd on the show.

2. Up to No Good

Up to No Good
In addition to looking high as a kite 100% of the time, Ryan got into trouble for murdering a bunch of cats. For real. This is the beginning of the fairy tale love story of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer.

3. Meet Mackenzie

Meet Mackenzie
Right around the same time that Ryan was getting into trouble for killing those cats -- and pretty much immediately after she filed for divorce from her first husband -- he met Mackenzie.

4. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
... And then pretty much immediately after the divorce was finalized, Ryan proposed. Did we mention that Mackenzie was only 19 years old at this time? Because that feels like an important thing to mention.

5. Bad News

Bad News
A few months after Ryan and Mackenzie got engaged, Maci Bookout began opening up about his issues on Teen Mom OG. She started out by hinting that she was scared for his safety before finally breaking down about his drug addiction while on vacation with Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood.

6. Moving Faster

Moving Faster
Though they'd been planning a wedding for November, Ryan and Mackenzie decided to go ahead and get hitched in May because, as she explained it, it would help them in their custody case against Maci for Bentley. It didn't make too much sense, especially since their custody hasn't changed since then, but that's their story and they're sticking to it.

7. One High Ride

One High Ride
We all remember this terrifying moment when Ryan drove himself and Mackenzie to their wedding while high. It was a great start to their big day, which included Ryan's mother crying throughout the ceremony while he struggled to keep his eyes open.

8. #Unfortunate

That's why he wore sunglasses while getting married. Because that pesky sun, and also because drugs.

9. Such Romance

Such Romance
So they got married in the most depressing wedding ever, and then Ryan went straight to rehab. And they say romance is dead!

10. Sober (???) Living

Sober (???) Living
Ryan just spent a few weeks in rehab, which doesn't sound like enough, but honestly he has been looking better in the few photos we've seen of him from the past few months.

11. A Brand New Scandal

A Brand New Scandal
But while he has been looking better, he's also been trolling for hookups with women who aren't his brand new wife on Tinder. Allegedly. In August, a couple of Chattanooga-based women came forward with screenshots and details of Ryan's attempts at seducing them. Awkward.

12. Stand by Your Man (Or Whatever)

Stand by Your Man (Or Whatever)
In response to that bad Tinder news, Mackenzie changed her last name to Edwards on her social media accounts and shared this photo of herself showing off her engagement and wedding rings.

13. I Want You to Stop!

I Want You to Stop!
Mackenzie took the fight to the Tinder match herself, too, demanding she cease communication with Ryan and threatening to handle it "the hard way" if needed. It's unclear what she meant ... besides business.

14. Divorce?!?!?!

According to reports, the couple went through a bit of a rough time after the Tinder debacle, and things got so bad that Ryan left their home, blocked her number, and threatened to divorce her. Producers even pointed out that Edwards said this directly to them, and not just in passing. But it never came to fruition.

15. And Here We Are

And Here We Are
So after that roller coaster ride, after all that incredible nonsense, Ryan and Mackenzie are still going forward with the November wedding they began planning all those months ago. And it's happening this weekend.

16. The Details

The Details
The wedding will take place this weekend in Chattanooga, and this time around Ryan and Mackenzie's children will be involved. And so will MTV -- you know they're filming this mess for the show!

17. This Wasn't a Sure Thing

This Wasn't a Sure Thing
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “For awhile [production] wasn’t sure if Ryan and Mackenzie would allow the wedding to be filmed," apparently, given their recent history. They declined to come to Los Angeles to film the special with the rest of the cast in October, and some other things. But they are filming it.”

18. Will Maci Be There?

Will Maci Be There?
Ryan did attend Maci's wedding to Taylor McKinney, but after all the things that have gone down between them, it's looking like Maci won't be attending Ryan's. And we can't blame her.

19. What About Custody?

What About Custody?
Bentley will be at the wedding, but Maci's relationship with Ryan remains strained; Edwards trying to bang other girls on Tinder while married to Standifer technically doesn't concern Bookout, it's no shock that Maci feels he can't be trusted as a result. That incident opened up a can of worms, with Bookout and Edwards feuding - and Standifer criticizing Maci as well. So the future is very much in doubt.

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