Purrmanently Sad Cat Photos: What's the Matter?

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Why is this feline known as Purrmanently Sad Cat? These photos answer that question.

1. Cheer Up, Little Guy!

Cheer Up, Little Guy!
This feline goes by the moniker Purrmanently Sad Cat. It's not hard to see why, is it/

2. Having (Another) Bad Day

Having (Another) Bad Day
Come on, Purrmanently Sad Cat, can't we get a smile?

3. Purrmanently Sad Cat Photo

Purrmanently Sad Cat Photo
Even just a little smile?

4. Whoa is Me

Whoa is Me
How about a smirk?

5. No Reason to Smile

No Reason to Smile
Well, Purrmanently Sad Cat has opened its mouth. But that's not a smile.

6. Such a Sad Kitty

Such a Sad Kitty
Ok, fine. Go ahead and break our heart.

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