Pretty Little Liars: A-nswers! A-nswers! A-nswers!

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Wait... who is Charles!

And who is A?

And who was the Black Widow??!?

Thanks to Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 10, we finally have some answers to some burning PLL questions. To wit:

1. Charles is...

Charles is...
... CeCe Drake! She was obsessed with Alison, even considering her a living doll.

2. Mr. DiLaurentis...

Mr. DiLaurentis...
... refused buy Charles dresses. When he learned Charles liked to play dress up in his mother's closet, he stopped visiting him at Radley.

3. Why did Mona appear dead last year?

Why did Mona appear dead last year?
Because CeCe injected her with a freezing serum... she then did the same on this summer finale to Jason and Mr. D.

4. What did Mrs. D do?

What did Mrs. D do?
She purchased the infamous yellow dress for Charles/CeCe when she turned 12. From there, any time Mrs. D bought clothes for Alison, she also bought something for CeCe.

5. What did Bethany do?

What did Bethany do?
She shoved Toby's mother off the roof of Radley because Charles/CeCe didn’t like her.

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