Parents Troll Daughter, Recreate Facebook Selfies with Boyfriend

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Are you ready to meet the greatest mother and father in Internet history?

This is easy for us to say, of course, because we are not their offspring.

Instead, that honor falls to Emily Musson, who started to snap some selfies at college with her boyfriend… only to sign on to Twitter one day and see that her parents have recreated these exact same poses. HA!

“My parents r actually on drugs or something,” Emily Tweeted in response, not as excited about these pictures as we are. “I mean I guess it’s funny but not like 30k favs funny.”

We beg to differ. Unlike certain parents out there, the Musson should never not be on Facebook...

1. Parents Troll Daughter

Parents Troll Daughter
HA! This mother and father are having a slight bit of fun at their daughter's expense, posing just like her and her boyfriend on Instagram.

2. Look at Us, Honey!

Look at Us, Honey!
This young woman and her boyfriend think they are very cool. But they look a little less cool after the girlfriend's parents posed just like them online.

3. Like Mother and Father...

Like Mother and Father...
This mother and this father took a close look at their daughter's Instagram page... and then decided to simulate the photo she took with her boyfriend. HA!

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