#StopCensoringMotherhood Photos: Take This, Instagram!

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Check out photos here from #StopCensoringMotherhood, a movement that aims to prove how real, new mothers are beautiful.

1. #StopCensoringMotherhood Picture

#StopCensoringMotherhood Picture
This mother happily poses with her child, and her stomach, as part of the ##StopCensoringMotherhood movement.

2. Mother of Two

Mother of Two
This is what happens when you have two children. Got a problem with this woman's body?

3. One Proud Mama

One Proud Mama
This mother is proud of both her newborn and her body. As she should be!

4. Adorable, Naked Babies!

Adorable, Naked Babies!
This photo features some naked babies. Instagram pulled it down as a result.

5. Stretch-Marked Mom

Stretch-Marked Mom
Who cares about stretch marks when they are part of bringing a child into the world? #StopCensoringMotherhood.

6. Please #StopCensoringMotherhood

Please #StopCensoringMotherhood
#StopCensoringMotherhood, people. Why does Instagram disallow this picture?

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